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Sensoro’s beacon network reaches 110,000 units

December 23, 2015By

A huge network of iBeacon (Apple)and Eddystone (Google) devices has emerged in China, consisting of 110,000 units run and managed by Sensoro. The network spans 25 movie theatres, 16 airports, 39 high-end retail stores, 40 major tourist destinations, 200 universities, 260 high-speed trains, 1,500 Pizza Huts and 2,100 Chow Tai Fook (CTF) jewelry stores, among other locations. Sensoro was founded... read more

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Mid-Year Report on Location Market: Privacy, Google, and AT&T

June 25, 2014By

Half the year is over. It’s gone. Now it’s time to figure out where the location industry is going for the remainder of the year. One analyst (actually, several) believe that the industry, fueled by indoor location and place-based advertising, is around $14 billion right now — with no place to go but up — given some bump in consumer... read more