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Modified UAV with actuators enabling rotor tilt.

New developments in UAV navigation and control

April 19, 2017  - By 1 Comments

Since we’re running essentially a navigation magazine, someone had the bright idea that maybe we could bring together the monthly review of UAS/UAV activities combined with some hint of navigation content. Seems reasonable. So delving into the academic world once more, we’ve been searching for prior papers... read more

From the Magazine

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Udee backpack

Backpacks for enhanced work travel, efficiency

April 12, 2017  - By 0 Comments

It’s conference season again. Every year I struggle with the best way to tote my MacBook Pro, DSLR camera and all the acoutrements I haul around as part of my job. No doubt you, too, need to travel with expensive electronics you want to protect... read more

Video Spotlight

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NavCom’s StarFire Network is a global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS) that provides precise point positioning (PPP) with 99.999 percent reliability. Two completely redundant processing centers and multiple communication links ensure the continuous availability of StarFire GNSS corrections. StarFire requires no base station and utilizes a network of more than 40 GNSS reference stations around the world.

Learn more about the StarFire Network.


NavCom’s StarFire Network operates with less than five minutes of downtime per year


Product Showcase

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LORAD++ CORE, an alternative PNT source to combat GNSS denial: 60 x 30 x 8 millimeters

Alt-PNT receivers emphasize low-power requirements

April 17, 2017  - By 0 Comments

A new series of integrated eLoran/Chayka/GNSS receivers emphasize low-power requirements and small size for alternative positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) to reduce risks of GNSS denial. Loradd++, from Netherlands-based firm Reelektronika, consists of a receiver... read more

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