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Schiebel Camcopter S-100 demonstrating detect and avoid system.

Navigation progress for indoors and UAVs

July 19, 2016  - By 0 Comments

I didn’t get to this year’s IEEE/ION PLANS meeting in Savannah, Georgia, in April, but I did find a few papers that interested me. You might have read past articles of mine that looked at the challenges of indoor navigation. And, of course, unmanned vehicles technology also is one of... read more

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NDGPS loses interior, keeps coast

July 25, 2016  - By and 0 Comments

Heartland Corrections Services Now Commercial or WAAS-only The U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Transportation and Army Corps of Engineers have reduced the number of Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System (NDGPS) sites that will be decommissioned. The course correction keeps a coastal and Mississippi River network... read more

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The StarFire network is the longest operating precise point positioning service of its kind, helping end users increase productivity and efficiency for over 15 years. High precision applications with a need for extreme accuracy are able to leverage the Precise Point Positioning Service StarFire to increase user productivity and efficiency in real time.

StarFire’s 5cm global accuracy combined with the network’s performance and reliability make it exceptionally suitable for multiple precise positioning applications. StarFire has changed the way our customers do business. In addition to StareFire our products offer industry leading innovations such as: StarFire Over IP, RTK-Extend, Quick Start, and Rapid Recovery. It’s no wonder why industry professionals the world over use NavCom. Learn more at: www.navcomtech.com/starfire

Contact NavCom: https://www.navcomtech.com/navcom_en_US/docs/html/secured/our_company/contact_us/leadform_regional.html

5 centimeter accuracy, no base station needed

The StarFire network is the longest operating PPP service of its kind. SPONSORED CONTENT read more

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KCS TraceME upgrades TM-178 with LoRa technology

July 27, 2016  - By 0 Comments

KCS BV has upgraded its successful TraceME module TM-178, targeted for tracing and controlling vehicles and other powered equipment. The TM-178/R9H7 module has been upgraded with optional LoRa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), ANT/ANT+ and proprietary... read more

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