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Expert Opinions: Buyers’ need for GNSS receiver testing, certification

August 29, 2016  - By 0 Comments

Q: Buyers get little guidance as to how specific receivers react to interference, particularly in critical infrastructure. Is there a need for receiver testing and certification along the lines of Underwriters Laboratories to guide purchase and acquisition? A: Exhaustive “seven-nines” testing and verification is expensive, takes a... read more

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Low-cost precise positioning for automated vehicles

Carrier-phase differential GNSS produces mass-market centimeter accuracy A dense reference network facilitates low-cost carrier-phase differential GNSS positioning with rapid integer-ambiguity resolution. This could enable precise lane-keeping for automated vehicles in all weather conditions. Strong demand for low-cost precise positioning exists in the mass market. Carrier-phase... read more

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IGTV Career interview: Why should young people opt for a career in geodesy and geoinformation? See the latest from INTERGEO TV, the Newschannel for the Geospatial Community. View all the latest videos and news on: http://intergeo-tv.com


Intergeo TV: German Association of Surveying (DVW) VP Jens Riecken

Intergeo TV Career interview: Why should young people opt for a career in geodesy and geoinformation? SPONSORED CONTENT read more

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Satlab Geosolutions’ RTK Handheld uses tablet or phone as display

August 29, 2016  - By 0 Comments

Swedish-based survey and GIS equipment maker Satlab Geosolutions is offering a multi-purpose handheld that sends centimeter-level NMEA position data to the user’s tablet or smartphone. The SLC RTK handheld brings professional high-precision positioning in a new design concept with... read more

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