The System: U.S. DoD, DoT Tell FCC No LightSquared

February 1, 2012By

Ashton Carter, U.S. deputy secretary for Defense, and John Porcari, deputy secretary for Transportation, have written an official letter to the assistant secretary of Commerce stating that “there appear to be no practical solutions or mitigations that would permit the LightSquared broadband service.” Carter and Porcari are co-chairs of the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing. This... read more

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FCC Asks If You and GPS Should Be Protected from Interference

January 30, 2012By

“We invite comment on LightSquared’s petition, and establish a pleading cycle.” Thus spake the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), groping for a way forward in the ongoing LightSquared/GPS conflict. The FCC has opened an Internet docket for public comment on the LightSquared position that GPS users and receivers “do not merit legal protection from interference” created by LightSquared. The FCC asks... read more

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Expert Advice: MSS Misinformation, and Ten Truths

December 1, 2011By

LightSquared is currently conducting a public campaign intended to persuade federal regulators to approve a nationwide broadband service that would be detrimental to users and applications that depend on GPS. The campaign relies on misinformation, revisionist history, half-truths, and clear misstatements of fact. To understand the effort to convince regulators and legislators that the experts are wrong, one must consider 10 basic truths. read more

Out in Front: A Pawn in Their Game

August 1, 2011By

Maybe we got played. But we put up a good fight. We really had no option to do anything but fight. So we did, and we’re still fighting the LightSquared attack on the GPS signal. It’s not over yet, not by a long shot. Suspicions now creep in that the attack may have been a feint, that the company never really intended to do what it threatened: broadcast a very powerful signal from ground towers, on a frequency immediately adjacent to the GPS signal. LightSquared had its eye on another prize instead. read more

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Expert Advice: Who Won?

August 1, 2011By

Thousands of man hours and millions of dollars later, we finally have the 975-page GPS Technical Working Group (TWG) report, confirming what five minutes of back-of-the-envelope calculation predicted. Hooray for our side, good job GPS Industry Council; we’ve won the war and the foe is vanquished, never to brighten our skies again. Well, maybe. LightSquared is now bypassing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and submitting technical papers directly to the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Working Party that handles mobile satellite services (MSS) and radio determination satellite service (RDSS spectrum) and orbits (ITU-R WP 4C). read more

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Final Report of FCC Working Group: Lose LightSquared from L-Band

July 6, 2011By

“Based on the analysis performed, LightSquared should not be permitted to use the L-Band spectrum for a densely-deployed, non-integrated terrestrial-only network. Such a network would cause unacceptable interference to GPS operations, wiping out an installed base of over 500 million units used in a wide array of public safety, aviation, industrial and consumer applications. While mitigation techniques utilizing filters were discussed in theory, they could not be tested as part of the WG effort because filters do not exist, even in prototypes. No information considered by the WG demonstrated that any mitigation techniques — other than relocation of the proposed terrestrial network to an alternative band — would be successful.” (From the U.S. GPS Industry Council's overview of the WG report) read more

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Letters to the Editor: LightSquared Satellite Case Skimpy

July 1, 2011By

Thank you for the story “LightSquared, FCC Rebuttals Distort Record” (see www.gpsworld.com/distort). One thing worth clarifying: you state, “It appears that the purpose of Lightsquared’s satellite service is, now, to provide ancillary service in remote areas not covered by the ubiquitous primary terrestrial network, or in the event that the terrestrial network is destroyed — exactly the opposite of what the FCC authorized and the GPS industry had understood and agreed to.” read more

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The System: Third Report by LightSquared/GPS Technical Working Group

June 1, 2011By

Plus: Locata as Alternative PNT, Indian SBAS, Galileo Launch Slow but steady progress of the Working Group (WG) convened by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to study the GPS overload/desensitization issue is related in the group’s Third [monthly] Pogress Report, filed with the FCC on May 16. For the third consecutive time, the report contains little in terms of actual... read more

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