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Here there be dragons: GIS explores the unknown

July 12, 2017By

Here there be dragons. That phrase (or a variation of it) was used by early mapmakers to designate the unknown — and alert sailors to the danger of traveling into uncharted waters. I’ve always admired explorers who dared to push the boundaries of the known world. We’ve moved from the Age of Exploration to the Age of Information, but exploration continues... read more

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Respect the facts: March for Science

March 14, 2017By

In life, few things are certain. In family, love and friendship, fewer. Add more people — workplace, groups, associations, government, society, nations, war — and the complications multiply, the certainties become more scarce. Some things, however, remain fixed, and true. We call them facts. They are not subject to denial or claims of fakery. They can sometimes be distorted, or... read more

Esri Releases Free Business Analyst Online Mobile App for Android Smartphones

May 4, 2012By

Esri announced the release of a free Business Analyst Android app for retail and commercial real estate professionals, allowing them to access demographic data anywhere with the Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO) application. The application is designed for anyone who needs access to population and consumer marketing data on the go. read more

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