Survey Seeks Suggestions on Future of GLONASS

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The Russian GLONASS/GNSS Forum is conducting a survey on the future of GLONASS.

When translated, the page provides the following background:

“One of the priorities of the GLONASS system is determined to ensure its competitiveness in the global market for satellite navigation services.”Currently, public customers of the federal target program “Maintenance , development and use of GLONASS for 2012-2020 ” prepared proposals on bringing the main characteristics of the system to a level that ensures its competitiveness in the medium term ( 2020 onwards ).

“It seems appropriate that in the preparation of these proposals, the opinion of the main consumers of navigation service providers and manufacturers are taken into account.”

The survey asks the following questions (translation provided by Innovation editor Richard Langley):

  1. What characteristics of the GLONASS system in your view are the most critical for competitiveness relative to GPS, Galileo, and Compass considering plans for their deployment and development (accuracy of the “Space Segment,” access, stability characteristics, compliance with international standards on the time scale UTC and coordinate system, others …)?
  2. Is it important for the competitiveness of the presence of GLONASS that there be additional services such as transferring information on one of the new navigation signals to provide a highly accurate global positioning mode PPP (Precise Point Positioning) by analogy with the E6 Galileo and B6 Compass signals? What extra services could you offer for implementing in the system GLONASS for civilian users to increase its attractiveness?
  3. Is it critical for civil GLONASS to have a complete set of new code signals (L1, L2, L3)?
  4. Is it important in terms of competitiveness, for the GLONASS satellites, in addition to the planned new code signals in the traditional GLONASS bands (L1, L2, L3) to add another signal in the range L5? Why? If yes, for which consumers is this important?
  5. What are the characteristics, in your opinion, that should be achieved to ensure the competitiveness of the system in 2014-2015, 2020, after 2020?
  6. What do you see as the most effective ways to achieve the desired values ​​of the main characteristics of the GLONASS system, including measures of state support?
  7. Is it critical to the competitiveness of GLONASS availability to have a document of the type “Standard GLONASS civil service,” which would give the key performance characteristics of GLONASS and these characteristics would be guaranteed by the “provider” of the GLONASS system (similar to the standards issued by GPS and Compass)?

Responses are being accepted until February 14. Send responses to with Questionnaire TTX in the subject line. Responses will be compiled and prepared for appropriate treatment to public customers of the federal target program “Maintenance, development and use of GLONASS for 2012-2020 years. “

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