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  • Navigate! Weekly News
    Breaking news on GPS-related technology and business developments delivered every Tuesday.
  • EAGER—The European GNSS Report
    News of European industry, agency, and scientific developments in satellite navigation, focusing on Galileo and EGNOS but also encompassing European involvement in the other GNSSs. Knowledgeable reporting from European sources, and interviews with and articles by European GNSS community leaders. The latest technologies, launch schedules, applications, equipment, and industry and policy developments.
  • Wireless LBS Insider
    Focused news, analysis, and perspective from two industry experts on integration of positioning in cell phones, vehicles, and other wirelessly connected personal and business devices, mobile location applications, and the mobile advertising marketplace, with updates on the design, deployment, and use of location-based services (LBS) technologies around the world.
  • Professional OEM
    GPS World’s professional OEM editorial coverage provides in-depth feature columns, timely analysis, instructive application case studies and focused news on the use of global positioning technologies for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators servicing military, scientific, professional, industrial and enterprise markets.
  • Defense PNT
    Developments affecting GPS utilitization for military and homeland security, as well as a range of government applications.
  • Survey Scene
    News for those in the field and in the office, focusing on the latest technologies, applications, equipment, and industry and policy developments.
  • GNSS Design & Test
    News on the design, deployment and testing of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) technologies around the world.
  • Geospatial Solutions Monthly
    Get the latest news and view on developments and trends in geospatial and GIS every month.  The newsletter spans technologies including earth imaging, remote sensing and GPS/survey, and applications including natural resources, government/military, transportation, civil engineering, location-based services and business analytics.
  • GeoIntelligence Insider
    Timely news and analysis about the use of spatial technologies for homeland security and defense applications.


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