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Editorial Staff

Mailing address for the editorial staff:
North Coast Media
1360 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief | Alan Cameron | editor @
Publisher | Steve Copley | scopley @
Managing Editor | Tracy Cozzens | gpsworld @
Art Director | Charles Park

Contributing Editors

Innovation Column Editor
Richard Langley
Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 5A3
lang @ | 506-453-4698 | fax: 506-453-4943

Defense PNT (positioning, navigation, and timing) newsletter
Don Jewell | djewell @

EAGER (European GNSS and Earth Observation Report)
Tim Reynolds

GNSS Design & Test newsletter
Alan Cameron | editor @

Professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) newsletter
Tony Murfin | tmurfin @

Survey Scene newsletter
Eric Gakstatter | egakstatter @

Wireless LBS Insider (wireless and location-based services newsletter)
Kevin Dennehy | kdennehy @
Janice Partyka | jpartyka @

Advertising Staff

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Mailing address for the advertising staff:
North Coast Media
1360 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Kevin Stoltman | kstoltman @ | 216-706-3740

Publisher and International Account Manager
Steve Copley | scopley @ | 216-363-7921

Marketing Specialist (webinars, special projects)
Michelle Mitchell | mmitchell @ | 216-363-7922; fax: 216-706-3712

Marketing Manager (media kit requests)
Ryan Bockmuller | rbockmuller @ | 216-706-3772; fax: 216-706-3712

GPS World Buyers Guide
Chloe Kalin |

Digital Staff

Digital Operations Manager
Bethany Chambers | bchambers @, 216-706-3771

Senior Digital Editor
Diane Sofranec | dsofranec @, 216-706-3793

Digital Editor
Joelle Harms | jharms @, 216-706-3780

Web Developer
Jesse Malcmacher | jmalcmacher @, 216-363-7925

You can e-mail other questions to gpsworld @ Because of the large number of questions we receive regarding GPS products, services, or standards, we cannot respond to each one individually.

See also the Resources section for the GPS World Almanac and further information on many GPS topics.

Submitting Articles

If you are planning to submit a GPS applications article to GPS World, we suggest you first propose your idea for an article to GPS World’s Editor-in-Chief via e-mail at editor @, or by fax to 541-935-5208. Articles and proposals can also be sent to:

GPS World
North Coast Media
1360 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Submitting Press Releases

To submit a press release, send your copy and photos to GPS World via e-mail at gpsworld @, or by fax to 541-683-1244. Press releases can also be sent to:

GPS World
North Coast Media
1360 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

GPS World Editorial Advisory Board

Vidal Ashkenazi | Nottingham Scientific Ltd., United Kingdom

Sally Basker | General Lighthouse Authorities, United Kingdom & Ireland

Alison K. Brown | NAVSYS Corporation, United States

Pascal Campagne | France Developpement Conseil, France

Ismael Colomina | Institut de Geomàtica, Spain

Jordi Corbera | Spanish Institute of Navigation, Spain

Clem Driscoll | C.J. Driscoll & Associates, United States

Børje Forssell | Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Alain Geiger | Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Switzerland

Art Gower | Lockheed Martin, United States

Jörg Hahn | European Space Agency, The Netherlands

Michael Healy | Astrium Limited, United Kingdom

Günter Hein | University of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany

Larry D. Hothem | U.S. Geological Survey, United States

Len Jacobson | Global Systems & Marketing, United States

William J. Klepczynsk i| Institute for Defense Analyses, United States

Gérard Lachapelle | The University of Calgary, Canada

Jingnan Liu | National Research Center for Satellite Systems, China

Terence J. McGurn | Consultant, United States

Jules G. McNeff | Overlook Systems Technologies, United States

James Miller | NASA, United States

Terry Moore | University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Ruth Neilan | Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States

Bradford W. Parkinson | Stanford University, United States

Ivan G. Petrovski | iP Solutions, Japan

Mario Proietti | TechnoCom Corporation, United States

Jayanta Ray | Accord Software and Systems, India

Martin U. Ripple | ÜberDash Pty Ltd, Australia

Michael E. Shaw | Lockheed Martin Space Systems, United States

Jac Spaans | European Group of Institutes of Navigation, Netherlands

Thomas Stansell Jr. | Stansell Consulting, United States

F. Michael Swiek | U.S. GPS Industry Council, United States

Greg Turetzky | Intel, United States

David Turner | Department of State, United State

Frank van Diggelen | Broadcom Corporation, United States

Frantisek Vejrazka | Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

Akio Yasuda | Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology, Japan