China Industry Report: “Amazing Growth” in Mobile Market

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A new China Navigation Map Industry Report, 2012-2014, released by Sino Market Insight, predicts that the revenue of Chinese navigation electronic  map industry will reach RMB 2.1 billion in 2014.

Started in 2002, the navigation industry in China is still in the  initial stage of development compared with the international market, the report says. China’s car navigation market, PND navigation market and mobile phone navigation market are in the stage of rapid development, while the markets of LBS service, real-time traffic information service and value-added electronic map application services based on mobile communication technology are still in the initial stage of development.

From 2006 to 2011, the sales volume of car navigation in China maintained high-speed growth, with CAGR hitting 47.5%. However, the penetration rate of car navigation is still low, so China’s car navigation  market still embraces huge space. Meanwhile, the growth speed of GPS mobile phone market in China is amazing, the report says. The sales volume of GPS mobile phone in China approximated 100 thousand sets in 2006, and skyrocketed to more than 50 million sets in 2011. Mobile Internet is an important development direction for the navigation map industry in future.

According to the report, the global electronic navigation map market presents distinct regional and local characteristics. Major navigation application markets around the world, such as USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea, all have many regional electronic map suppliers which have competitive advantages in diversified segments and possess stable client groups.

The navigation map market in China is led by AutoNavi and NavInfo. In particular, NavInfo is the pioneer, for it got approved to do navigation map business in the early 21st century. Joining the competition after 2006, AutoNavi captured the high-end brand automobile market quickly by virtue of advanced technologies, and penetrated into the medium-end automobile market thereafter. After 2010, the two companies launched fierce competition in the emerging mobile phone navigation market. In future, the competition in China’s car navigation and mobile phone navigation market will be fiercer, and the collision among navigation map enterprises in different sectors will be more frequent.

China Navigation Map Industry Report, 2012-2014 covers the following contents:

  • Current status of China navigation map industry;
  • Development of China navigation map market;
  • Market status of navigation map in major regions worldwide;
  • Brief introduction, financial highlight, revenue structure by segment and by region, prospects and performance prediction, clients, etc. of 15 leading navigation map enterprises in China and around the globe.
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