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How U.S. Air Force 19 SOPS Puts GPS Satellites in Orbit Posted on 21 Nov 2014 in the Aviation & Space & Aviation & Space & Defense News & Featured Stories & GNSS News & Government News & GPS Modernization & Latest News categories.

It's been a busy year for members of the 19th Space Operations Squadron. As operators of the GPS launch and early orbit, anomaly-resolution and disposal system, 19 SOPS members executed a historically high number of satellite launches (four), and disposed of a legacy GPS vehicle, all within the past 10 months. Read more»

Topcon Acquires in-Cab Mounted Console Manufacturer Posted on 20 Nov 2014 in the Machine Control/AG News & Precision Ag categories.

Topcon Positioning Group has completed the acquisition of Wachendorff Elektronik GmbH and Wachendorff Electronics Inc. in a private transaction. Wachendorff Elektronik GmbH and its U.S. subsidiary Wachendorff Electronics, Inc., are manufacturers... Read more»

Buddy Launches Platform to Access Connected Device Data Posted on 20 Nov 2014 in the Latest News & LBS/Wireless News & Mobile Devices & OEM News categories.

Buddy Platform, Inc., has launched its new platform that hosts and manages data generated by any connected device, enabling measurement of a device from the moment it’s turned on throughout its entire... Read more»

CSR Launches SDK for Precise Indoor Location Apps Posted on 20 Nov 2014 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & LBS/Wireless News & Personal Navigation & Personal Tracking categories.

CSR plc today announced the launch of its SiRFusion Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android application developers. The solution enables indoor positioning for Android developers looking to create next-generation apps. Developers can now... Read more»

AT&T, LG to Collaborate on Connected Cars Posted on 20 Nov 2014 in the Automotive & In-Vehicle Services & LBS/Wireless News & OEM News & Road & Transportation News categories.

Since the AT&T Drive Studio opened in January 2014, twelve companies have joined AT&T there in an effort to collaborate and develop new services for the connected car of the future. The latest... Read more»

Denso Tests Autonomous Cars on Japan Roads Posted on 20 Nov 2014 in the Latest News & Road & Transportation News categories.

Denso Corp. began testing advanced driving support technology on a public road in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, this past June. Denso is testing automated driving scenarios in a single lane and testing automatic... Read more»

Spectracom Offers Master Clock/GPS/Inertial Module for Intelligence Posted on 20 Nov 2014 in the Defense News & Government News & Latest News & Navigation & Product Showcase & Timing categories.

A new combination master clock and GPS-aided inertial navigation system is now available to reduce redundant subsystems in mobile applications. The Geo-PNT integrates precision references for position, attitude, and timing all... Read more»

DARPA Seeks Ideas for UAS Aircraft Carrier in the Sky Posted on 19 Nov 2014 in the Aviation & Space & Latest News & UAV/UAS/UGV categories.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is asking for input on how to launch and recover multiple small unmanned air systems (UAS) from existing large aircraft, such as the C-130. It has issued a... Read more»