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Alan Cameron is editor-in-chief and publisher of GPS World magazine, where he has worked since 2000. He also writes the monthly GNSS Design & Test e-Newsletter and the Wide Awake blog.

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Canada, US workshops focus on PNT threats Posted on 26 Oct 2016 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

Two workshops convened in recent weeks in the U.S. and Canadian capitals, respectively, sought to bring into focus looming threats to the nations’ positioning, navigation and timing capabilities and critical... Read more»

Largest unmanned naval exercise weighs anchor Posted on 21 Oct 2016 in the Defense & Latest News & UAV/UGV categories.

Unmanned Warrior 2016, the largest exercise for marine unmanned vehicles, is underway in the North Atlantic, off the coast of Scotland. The U.K. Navy hosts the event, and the U.S. Navy’s... Read more»

Don Jewell, 1949–2016 Posted on 21 Oct 2016 in the Uncategorized categories.

With great sadness we report that Don Jewell passed away unexpectedly on October 12. For more than nine years Don wrote the Defense PNT monthly e-newsletter column for GPS World,... Read more»

High plains PNT: Awareness and sense of place Posted on 07 Oct 2016 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

The plenary talk by John O’Keefe at ION GNSS+ stimulated a lot of neuron firing inside this old noggin. For a synopsis of “The Positioning System of the Brain,” see... Read more»

Portrait of Galileo: European groups say constellation is ready for service Posted on 28 Sep 2016 in the Opinions categories.

Spokespersons from the European Commission, the European Space Agency and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) built a portrait of Galileo at the ION GNNS+ conference of a satellite constellation ready... Read more»

Munich Summit to emphasize GNSS back-up Posted on 27 Sep 2016 in the Events & GNSS & Latest News categories.

“Is it Time for GNSS Back-Up?” has been announced as the the theme of the 2017 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, to take place March 14–16 in the prestigious and ornate... Read more»

HellaPHY wireless positioning better than 50 meters for IoT Posted on 26 Sep 2016 in the Latest News & Mobile & OEM categories.

Acorn Technologies Inc., a semiconductor and wireless technology company focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), has developed and  demonstrated new wireless long-term evolution (LTE) positioning technology for the location... Read more»

GNSS, radars assist in all-weather vehicle positioning Posted on 06 Sep 2016 in the GNSS & Opinions & Transportation categories.

Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it — right? Our lead authors this month are doing something about it. The July cover story of GPS World... Read more»