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Alan Cameron is editor-in-chief and publisher of GPS World magazine, where he has worked since 2000. He also writes the monthly GNSS Design & Test e-Newsletter and the Wide Awake blog.

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Experienced leader returns to Galileo helm, now within ESA Posted on 24 Nov 2015 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has unexpectedly announced a new leadership team. The naming of eight senior leaders to the heads of various departments brings back one figure very well-versed... Read more»

Out in Front: Readers, marketing partners co-engineer GPS World redesign Posted on 15 Nov 2015 in the From the Magazine & Opinions categories.

GPS to the power of PNT. Or, as I like to think of it, GPSPNT. We are rapidly entering — or we have already entered — the era in which we say... Read more»

New BeiDou TMBOC Signal Tracked; Similar to Future GPS L1C Structure Posted on 28 Oct 2015 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

China’s new third-generation BeiDou satellites are broadcasting some new signals in space. The newest signal, which just began broadcasting from a satellite launched on Sept. 30, is similar to the... Read more»

Out in Front: IOU on IOE Posted on 01 Oct 2015 in the Opinions categories.

Here it comes right at ya, down the cable into your living room, over the radio waves into the coffee shop or airport and your car: the Internet of Everything... Read more»

Galileo Space-Borne, Industry Land-Bound Posted on 30 Sep 2015 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

Galileo’s latest pair of full operational capability (FOC) satellites now orbit proudly in space, “performing beautifully.” The first two FOC birds may soon shift their focus from navigation to gravity experiments instead.... Read more»

The System: Galileo Turning Ten Posted on 30 Sep 2015 in the From the Magazine & GNSS categories.

Galileo satellites 9 and 10 are functioning perfectly, and the initial series of flight operations is continuing as part of the critical launch and early orbit phase, according to a... Read more»

More, More, More. Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy. Posted on 02 Sep 2015 in the Opinions & Survey categories.

Reliable, consistent positioning accuracy has always driven new product development in the survey and mapping sector of the GPS/GNSS market. It’s remarkable how quickly the provided accuracy in successive new... Read more»

Out in Front: Addiction on the Rise Posted on 01 Sep 2015 in the OEM & Opinions categories.

Memory fails as to who first said “Accuracy is addictive.” Or perhaps it’s my knowledge base that is deficient. At any rate, I’ll gladly publish documented evidence from anyone who... Read more»