Expert Advice: Realizing Europe’s SatNav Ambitions

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The 21st century today faces and will continue to encounter many new societal challenges, all mutually interdependent: health, environment, agriculture, ageing population, personal security, public and civil protection, safe and efficient transport and mobility, citizen rescue, land management, energy (supply, security, and efficiency), full employment, new consumer services, high-tech industry, business security, connectivity, globalization, intellectual property management and protection. All these challenges have a common denominator: the economic health of Europe: growth, competitiveness, and job creation. read more

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Calculating Time-to-First-Fix

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Cell-phone users are often more concerned about the speed of positioning than the accuracy, making time-to-first-fix the most important factor in a GNSS mass-market receiver’s perceived performance. However, TTFF is generally difficult to characterize and optimize because of the need to encompass a wide range of environments, including indoors. read more

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Out in Front: Catch a Wave

November 1, 2011 - By

Expecting guidance from FCC regulators by year’s end? LightSquared purports to do so, but a more measured evaluation finds a December decision unlikely. The current test cycle — hopefully not the final one — just reached its end on November 4 at White Sands Missile Range, under the Air Force’s watchful eye. That testing focused only on “cellular and personal/general navigation” receivers as specified in a September letter from the National Telecommunication and Information Agency. According to unconfirmed reports, this round of testing did not include the JAVAD GNSS precision receiver with a new filter prototype, although LightSquared lobbied strongly to have the potentially bacon-rescuing device included. read more

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The Business and Product Showcase — November 2011

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Download the PDF here. read more

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Innovation: Digging into GPS Integrity

November 1, 2011 - By

Charting the Evolution of Signal-in-Space Performance by Data Mining 400,000,000 Navigation Messages
There are four important requirements of any navigation system: accuracy, availability, continuity, and integrity. In this month’s column we take a look at one particular aspect of GPS integrity: that of the signal in space and find out how trustworthy is the satellite ephemeris and clock information in the broadcast navigation message. read more

Telmap Selects INRIX Traffic Information for Mobile Location Companion Service

November 1, 2011 - By

Telmap announced that Telmap will use INRIX’s real-time, historical and predictive traffic information in its Mobile Location Companion service worldwide. read more

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The System: Galileo IOV Satellites Now in Orbit

November 1, 2011 - By

The first two satellites for Europe’s Galileo global navigation satellite system were lofted into orbit October 21 by the first Russian Soyuz vehicle ever launched from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana in a milestone mission, reports the European Space Agency (ESA). The launch occurred one day after initially scheduled to resolve a problem with the ground-support fueling system. The Soyuz... read more

2011 GPS World Leadership Dinner

November 1, 2011 - By

GPS World’s eighth annual Leadership Dinner took place during ION-GNSS in Portland, and was sponsored by Litton Consulting Group, Sigtem Technology, and JAVAD GNSS. Excerpts from some of the speakers’ remarks appear here. read more