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Positioning through walls: DHS and NASA partner on indoor positioning and location solution

By  - Posted on 28 Mar 2023 in Featured Stories & From the Magazine & Mapping.

A joint development program by the DHS and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has produced a unique indoor positioning and location solution, POINTER. Read more»

Ultra-wideband brings signals indoors

By  - Posted on 28 Jul 2022 in From the Magazine & Simulators.

We discussed complementary PNT with Peter Rylands, senior product manager at OxTS. Read more»

GeoSLAM partners with Flyability on Elios 3 indoor drone

By  - Posted on 29 Jun 2022 in Latest News & UAV/UGV.

Flyability has unveiled the Elios 3, a collision-tolerant drone equipped with a lidar sensor for indoor 3D mapping. The drone is powered by a new SLAM engine called FlyAware that... Read more»

Pozyx Platform provides seamless indoor/outdoor tracking

By  - Posted on 04 Jun 2022 in Latest News & Product Showcase & Transportation.

The Pozyx Platform is an asset tracking and identification solution for seamless indoor and outdoor tracking, based on the omlox hub and supporting multiple location technologies. The omlox hub is... Read more»

Esri launches ArcGIS indoor positioning system

By  - Posted on 19 Jan 2022 in Latest News & Mapping.

Esri has released ArcGIS IPS, an indoor positioning system. ArcGIS IPS adds a blue dot to indoor maps, enabling users to locate their current position inside a building in the... Read more»

Ireland’s danalto to demonstrate indoor positioning for ESA

By  - Posted on 14 Dec 2021 in GNSS & Latest News.

Dublin-based danalto Ltd., has won a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to demonstrate low-infrastructure indoor location technologies that complement GNSS, particularly Galileo. ESA seeks to improve this European... Read more»

Robotic ‘white cane’ helps visually impaired navigate indoors

By  - Posted on 24 Sep 2021 in Latest News & Mobile.

News from the National Institutes of Health A new robotic cane can help the visually impaired navigate indoors. The cane is equipped with a color 3D camera, an inertial measurement... Read more»

U-blox releases explorer kits for high-precision indoor positioning

By  - Posted on 29 Jun 2021 in Latest News & Mobile & OEM & Product Showcase.

Leveraging Bluetooth direction finding technology, the solutions demonstrate sub-meter level position accuracy for a variety of industrial and consumer applications U-blox has released two explorer kits for product developers to... Read more»