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Expert Advice: Looking Back to the Early Days of GPS

By  - Posted on 01 Sep 2013 in From the Magazine & Opinions.

By Len Jacobson Besides my family and friends, two major influences have guided my life. One is GPS, and the other is flying, although I’m not a pilot. Most of... Read more»

2011 GPS World Leadership Dinner

By  - Posted on 01 Nov 2011 in OEM.

GPS World’s eighth annual Leadership Dinner took place during ION-GNSS in Portland, and was sponsored by Litton Consulting Group, Sigtem Technology, and JAVAD GNSS. Excerpts from some of the speakers’ remarks appear here. Read more»

Expert Advice: Critical Offshore Applications of SBAS GNSS

By  - Posted on 01 Jul 2011 in From the Magazine & Opinions.

Precise positioning of many different kinds of vessels and other equipment depend upon satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) of GNSS, principally GPS and GLONASS at this time. The applications range from exploration to production and delivery of hydrocarbons to shore-based installations and navigation of very large crude carriers, or oil tankers. Decisions and recommendations are strongly needed to keep these services free from interference. Read more»

High-Level Perspective on PNT Frontiers

By  - Posted on 01 Jan 2013 in Opinions.

New Technology, New Applications, New Science from the Stanford Symposium By James D. Litton The sixth annual Stanford PNT Symposium in November brought together a select group of experts to... Read more»