Topcon Unveils 2D, 3D Excavator Control Systems

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Topcon Positioning Group announces the addition of two new indicate control systems to its excavator control system lineup — the X-32 and X-33. The systems feature Topcon’s new GX-30 control box and TS-i3 sensors.

The GX-30 features a full-color touchscreen display. The TS-i3 sensors have no moving components, offer single and dual-axis measurement modes, and include convenient LED status indicators.

“The X-32 is a versatile and easy-to-use 2D excavator system that includes technology not available on other, more expensive systems,” said Kris Maas, manager for machine control product marketing.

X-32_cab_Topcon-W“The X-32 is an excavator grade indication system to fit any budget. With this new system, you have the flexibility to use a wide array of references from which to work: Existing surface, a hub, previous cut, single slopes and dual slopes with the use of a compass or rotating laser. It’s as easy as choosing your reference and entering a cut and/or slope depth,” Maas said.

“The X-32 allows an operator to work faster, with consistency and greater degree of accuracy, and promotes a safer work site by keeping a grade checker out of the trench.”

Additionally, Maas said, “The X-32 grows as your needs expand because it’s easily upgradeable to a 3D system.”

“The X-33 adds Topcon’s industry-leading GNSS satellite technology to create a highly productive 3D indicate excavator grade control system,” Maas said. The system’s MC-i3 GNSS receiver with Vanguard technology provides “maximum flexibility in satellite signal tracking.  Additionally, the MC-i3 is Sitelink3D ‘ready’ for integration into Topcon’s real-time 3D management solution,” he said.

The new 3D system is designed to establish grade faster and ensure the operator stays on grade. “The system eliminates over excavation and controls material usage, allowing the user to ‘see’ the exact position of the machine on site and the bucket position at all times,” Maas said. When detailed information is required, the operator can select to visualize the plan, profile, or sectional view and use the dual grade indicators for elevation control.

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  1. You increasingly see camera constrol systems on construction equipment and this is really good news. Operators really need this type of advanced technology.