Aeroflex Adds Capability to Simulate WAAS LPV Approaches

April 1, 2013By

Aeroflex Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp., has announced its capability to simulate WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) approaches by adding this new feature to their GPSG-1000 Portable GPS Simulator. Aeroflex has developed the capability of simulating WAAS LPV approaches to expedite and validate the installation of WAAS-enabled navigation systems in... read more

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Butler Offers Lear 35/36 STC for WAAS with Garmin Nav System

October 30, 2012By

Butler National Corporation, which specializes in the aerospace sector of structural modification, maintenance, repair, and overhaul, announces issuance of the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)  for installation of the new Garmin GTN series of navigators that provide GPS, navigation, and communications. The installation is for GTN 750 navigators in the Learjet Models 35/35A/36/36A with the FC-200 autopilot and the Learjet Model... read more

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Personal Privacy Jammers: Locating Jersey PPDs Jamming GBAS Safety-of-Life Signals

April 1, 2012By

When jamming interfered with GPS signals at Newark Airport, a three-month effort determined that low-power, mobile personal-privacy devices were responsible. This article describes how they were found and outlines how the observable parameters of such devices encompass a wide variation in RF spectra and internal modulation. read more

Integrity for Non-Aviation Users: Moving Away from Specific Risk

July 1, 2011By

Non-aviation users of satellite- and ground-based augmentation systems do not require the conservative level of integrity built into these systems for aviation users. Removing it can produce substantial benefits in terms of smaller error bounds and improved availability. read more

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The System: First GPS Intereference Report Sent to FCC

April 1, 2011By

First Overload Interference/Desensitization to GPS Receivers, Systems, and Networks Report to FCC; Plus Save Our GPS Coalition Forms; WAAS Official Again; EGNOS SOL Operational; Russian SBAS Satellite Passes Transponder Tests read more

SBAS (WAAS) and NDGPS Accuracy and Statistics

October 21, 2010By

There's something I've been wanting to write about since the ION-GNSS conference a few weeks ago. However, a nasty cold, a 10-day trip to Europe (INTERGEO conference), and some jet lag have kept me from it until now. read more

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Future Augmented: Coverage Improvement for Dual-Frequency SBAS

March 1, 2010By
FIGURE 9. The combined dual frequency availability of the SBASs with the southern hemisphere stations is shown.

After reviewing current performance of WAAS, EGNOS, and MSAS, the authors present expected future performance, including the benefits of GPS L5. They evaluate the impact of the Indian GAGAN and Russian SDCM systems on global coverage and examine southward expansions for the original three SBASs. Finally, a look at the impact of a second constellation of navigation satellites and the performance for a user taking advantage of two core constellations. read more

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