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A Milestone in Digital Mapping

February 25, 2015By

Hard to believe, we have only now reached the 10th anniversary of Google Maps. As important as digital maps have become, their purpose is much the same as the printed and drawn maps that preceded them. Digital maps emerged in the 1960s with the Census Bureau’s DIME maps. These first digital maps were used for analysis of place-specific data, such as populations within census tracts or cities. Digital maps in turn led to geographic information systems (GIS) for spatial analysis. Though GIS had uses in fields like city planning, the main stimulus for digital maps came in the 1990s with the convergence of the completion of GPS infrastructure, and affordable and portable computers. read more

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Expert Advice: Cooperative Updates with Maps 2.0

July 1, 2013By

By Oliver Kühn, Skobbler Not so long ago, paper maps were a necessity in many walks of life. Today, they are increasingly a nostalgic novelty, to coin a term. It’s not difficult to understand why digital maps replaced their paper brethren. Digital maps are more accurate, more adaptable, and most importantly, in an increasingly real-time environment, much faster at making... read more

Google’s $1.1 Billion Purchase of Waze Under FTC Scrutiny

June 26, 2013By

In a year of ho-hum location deals, or the lack of any, the recent Google purchase of Waze for more than $1 billion is a big one. In fact, readers of GPS World magazine’s LBS Insider would have to go back to the summer of 2007, when TomTom purchased Tele Atlas and Nokia bought Navteq, to find an industry acquisition... read more

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TomTom – Tele Atlas Merger a Done Deal

June 6, 2008By

Following the announcement that Tele Atlas was making management changes in light of the pending merger, TomTom says that it has completed the merger of digital map supplier Tele Atlas. read more

TomTom-Tele Atlas Merger Falls Under Scrutiny

November 28, 2007By

The European Commission (EC) is taking a closer look at TomTom's planned acquisition of TeleAtlas; it looks as if it might have a tough European road to hoe. read more

Navteq Schedules Stockholder Vote on Nokia Merger

November 27, 2007By

Navteq Corp. said Monday that it has scheduled a special meeting of stockholders next month to consider approval of the previously announced merger agreement between the company and Nokia. read more