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Location-Based Advertising Getting Higher Visibility

March 25, 2014By

When one talks about the worldwide location industry, mobile resource management — fleets and trucks, for instance — aren’t sexy at all, but they make money. What is supposed to be sexy is location-based advertising.  According to many analysts, location-based advertising has been hampered by a few things: education for both consumers and mobile advertisers, privacy issues, and relevant proximity... read more

Comodo Integrates Skyhook Wireless Location Tech into Android Anti-Theft App

April 9, 2013By

Skyhook Wireless, a provider of location positioning, announced a partnership to integrate Skyhook’s hybrid location platform into Comodo’s Anti-Theft app for Android devices. Comodo’s Anti-Theft for Android is a new service that enables customers to remotely locate, lock and recover a lost or stolen Android smartphone or tablet. The app can remotely capture and upload photos of whoever is operating... read more

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Skyhook, Philips Lifeline Develop Location Platform for Emergency Response

January 14, 2013By

Skyhook and Philips Lifeline have announced a collaboration to incorporate Skyhook’s hybrid location positioning platform into Philips’ Lifeline GoSafe mobile personal response services. Skyhook’s hybrid location service will be part of a suite of locating technologies used with the new GoSafe system and designed to help provide the call center with the location information needed to support locating of users... read more

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Two New Kindle Fire Apps Leverage Skyhook Technology

June 26, 2012By

Skyhook, a location information, context and intelligence company, has announced that two new Kindle Fire apps have integrated Skyhook to provide location services on this device. The applications include Happy Hour Finder and Scope. They join a list of other apps using Skyhook for location services on the Kindle Fire, including MapQuest, KAYAK, deCarta, and TweetCaster. read more

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Location Industry Hits Speed Bump

May 18, 2011By

Location privacy issues have the power to put the skids on our industry. When I stepped into the Where 2.0 show, little did I know I was about to see Apple publicly open its kimono, reveal its location collection practices, and further fuel public and government outrage on location privacy. Apple doesn’t stand alone as Google also stores similar data on Android devices. And in a smaller breach, TomTom’s user location data was sold to the Netherland’s government, helping to optimize the placement of speed traps. Congress responded by hauling Apple and Google into a Congressional subcommittee meeting. read more

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