Research: Accelerating GNSS software receivers

November 16, 2016By
Diagram of Typical Code and carrier tracking loops in a GNSS receiver. Colored dotted-line boxes show functions implemented in SIMD technology. Lanes “16ic” are data streams whose items are complex numbers with real and imaginary components represented with 16-bit integers, whereas “32fc” indicates those with complex numbers with real and imaginary components in 32-bit floating point representation.

By Carles Fernandez–Prades, Javier Arribas and Pau Closas, Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Spain. Presented at ION GNSS+, September 2016. This paper addresses both the efficiency and the portability of a computer program in charge of the baseband signal processing of a GNSS receiver. Efficiency, in this context, refers to optimizing the speed and memory requirements of the software... read more

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