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Seen & Heard: GNSS and PNT in the news

December 8, 2015By

A snapshot of interesting stories involving GNSS and position, navigation and timing (PNT) technology from around the world. read more

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GPS Shape-Changing Device Guides through Touch

October 31, 2015By
(Photo: Yale News)

A handheld GPS device uses touch to help you determine where to walk. Made with a 3D printer, the cube-shaped “Animotus” was designed with the visually impaired in mind, reports YaleNews. Designed by Adam Spiers, a Yale University post-doctoral associate in mechanical engineering, the Animotus is designed in layers, with the receiver in the middle. The top layer revolves to show what direction... read more

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El Chapo’s Accomplices Used GPS

October 31, 2015By
The red circle shows the television with the GPS tracker inside.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s accomplices knew where the world’s most wanted and powerful drug lord was at all times because he had television in his cell that has a GPS tracking device inside of it, according to the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. Prison officials seized all electronic devices from all the cells inside the maximum security jail in Toluca after... read more

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Seen + Heard: GPS Adventure Game Out the Window

January 1, 2007By
GPS DATA maintains a 3D model that keeps a car correctly positioned while passengers hunt down werewolves.

Looking out the window during a long car trip becomes an interactive adventure with a new GPS-based game developed by The Interactive Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The Backseat Playground uses GPS to turn passing sights such as forests, buildings, and rivers into locations for in-game characters and events, reports New Scientist magazine. Backseat Playground consists of a GPS receiver, a handheld computer, and headphones connected to a laptop in the trunk of the car. read more

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