Spirent presented with RIN award for technical achievement

August 1, 2016By

Spirent Communications plc’s Positioning Technology Unit, a company that provides solutions for improving positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) system performance, was yesterday presented with the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) Duke of Edinburgh Navigation Award for Technical Achievement. The award was presented at the Institute’s Annual Meeting, held at the Royal Geographical Society in London Jul.y 21, by the Institute’s Patron,... read more

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Spectracom adds resiliency for military communications system

July 25, 2016By

Secondary receiver uses eLoran to back up GPS time Spectracom has been selected to provide Interference, Detection and Mitigation (IDM) capability to its SecureSync precision time and frequency reference system to support Rohde & Schwarz Benelux B.V. and the Netherlands Ministry of Defence for secure long-range military communications systems. The upgrade, which is based on a secondary receiver that extracts... read more

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Assuring Continuous High-Performance PNT: Solutions for GNSS Challenged/Denied Environments

July 15, 2016By

Sponsored by: Loctronix Corporation Broadcast Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013 Moderator: Alan Cameron, Editor & Publisher, GPS World Speakers: Dr. Michael B. Mathews – CEO / Founder, Loctronix Corporation, Peter F. MacDoran – Chief Scientist, Loctronix Corporation, John Taylor – President, Mercury Data Systems, Tsega Emmanuel –  Product Manager, TeleCommunications Systems Summary: Learn how combining signals of opportunity GNSS, and... read more

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How Much Farther to the Promised Land?

July 15, 2016By

Purchase Decisions in the Evolving Landscape of GPS, Multi-GNSS and Alternative PNT Sponsored by: NavCom Broadcast Date: Thursday, June 5, 2014 Moderator: Alan Cameron, Group Publisher, GPS World & Geospatial Solutions Speakers: Steve Ault, Product Manager, NavCom Technology Inc.; John Pottle, Fellow, Institute of Engineering Technology and Royal Institute of Navigation; Philip Mattos, R&D scientist for several GNSS companies; Paul Benshoof,... read more

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Antennas for the Future: Design and Use

July 15, 2016By

Sponsored by: NavCom Broadcast date: Thursday, February 19, 2015 Moderator: Alan Cameron, Group Publisher, GPS World and Geospatial Solutions Speakers: Maged Shenouda, Project Manager, Antenna Group, NovAtel Inc.; Kenneth M. Pesyna Jr., Ph.D. candidate, department of electrical and computer engineering, The University of Texas at Austin; Dr. Stani Licul, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Maxtena Summary: Understand the whys and hows of simulating signal... read more

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Networking for assisted PNT

July 8, 2016By

A networked radio from Thales is designed to meet soldiers’ need for assured positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) while on foot. The MBITR2 is part of a broader defense effort to provide PNT solutions in case of GPS jamming or interference. The MBITR2 is one of a number of devices and technologies, many still in development, to address this need.... read more

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User location data could support satellite launches

June 23, 2016By

Let’s look through the other end of the telescope this month. The satellites are nattering along, lining up in orderly fashion at the rocket pad, extending their solar arms smoothly in space once they arrive on orbit. The constellations accrue and new signals inch closer to maturity. The only blips on the horizon come from Ligado’s terrestrial impulse and a... read more

Expert Opinions: UAV PNT commercial requirements

June 13, 2016By

Q: What different requirements for UAV PNT performance will be seen as the market shifts from a military focus to commercial uses and users? A: PNT accuracy, availability and assurance will increase in importance. UAV payloads for military applications routinely require precise PNT information to geolocate sensor data for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. High-end commercial applications for survey and... read more

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