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Nexteq Navigation Launches New Version of NexGeo GIS Software Suite

October 2, 2013By
Nexteq's NexGeo Office.

Nexteq Navigation has officially released the next version (V2.0) of its GIS data collection suite, NexGeo. The suite consists of a mobile application for GNSS handhelds to collect and organize GIS data, as well as a desktop application used to customize and organize projects, manage field crews, and integrate with other data formats. NexGeo aims to provide a complete solution,... read more

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Data Collector

July 1, 2013By

The Nexteq T8C by Nexteq Navigation is a multi-functional GIS data collector that integrates voice recording, photo, cellular voice and data, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot into a lightweight and durable package. Combined with a long-lasting battery, an outdoor-readable three-inch color LCD touchscreen, and waterproof/dustproof protection, the T8C offers users a solution for field work. Equipped with NexGeo data collection... read more

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Nexteq Navigation Offers Platform for Accelerating GNSS Receiver Development

June 4, 2013By

Nexteq Navigation has launched accelGRx, a platform for accelerating professional-grade GNSS receiver development. The platform provides open and production-ready hardware and software building blocks for GNSS receivers. accelGRx is designed for organizations looking to research and develop new techniques and algorithms requiring deep in-receiver integreation or quickly produce a small, high-performance receiver. accelGRx supports GPS L1 and Beidou B1, and... read more

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GNSS Handheld Data Collector

June 13, 2012By

Nexteq Navigation, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has announced the T5A, its new flagship multifunctional GNSS handheld data collector. The device is a high-accuracy GPS unit capable of 2-centimeter accuracy using real-time kinematic (RTK) and 50-centimeters globally using Nexteq’s i-PPP technology. With the T5A, users can achieve extremely accurate and consistent results anywhere in the world with no loss in flexibility, Nexteq said, adding that the unit's centimeter-level precision coupled with versatility allows for accurate data collection in the most diverse weather conditions. read more

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Data-Collection Software

June 13, 2012By

Nexteq Navigation has release the newest version of its NexGeo software line-up: NexGeo Mobile, NexPos and NexGeo Office. Optimized for Nexteq handhelds, NexGeo Mobile integrates Nexteq Freedom, i-PPP, and RTK positioning augmentation technology into a more reliable, user-friendly data collection software, the company said. With easy display of features, background images, labeling and attributes, data is readily collected, accessed and edited. The tracking feature now allows for efficient communication and management between field workers and the office. Raw data recorded in NexGeo Mobile can be used for post processing in NexGeo Office. read more

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