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Europe’s Spring Season for GNSS

February 26, 2014By

The hounds of spring are on winter’s traces. As Galileo emerges from its long, cold slumber, the energy of a new constellation radiates through the skies to encourage blossoms across Europe. ESA’s recent declaration of in-orbit validation means the downstream satnav market can now truly get going. If a lot of demand has yet to be demonstrated, certainly a lot... read more

The System: Vistas from the Summit

April 1, 2010By

“This is an event where one gets one’s goals for the next year.” Paul Verhoef, program director for satellite navigation programs of the European Commission, may have exaggerated for effect, and for the benefit of his audience and hosts at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit in March. But not by much. The conference, now in its eighth year, has assumed... read more

Wide Awake Bridging the Gap

March 30, 2010By

I gave this talk at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, in a concluding session titled “Bridging the Gap: A Journalistic View on Progress and Problems of GNSS.” __________ Before telling you what I came here to say today, I should really attempt to answer the question posed by our moderator:Is the world ready for new GNSS applications and services? If... read more

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