Research Online: Laser localization system implementation, UAS sense and avoid integrity

May 13, 2016By

Implementation of a Laser Localization System By Aidan F. Browne and David Vutetakis, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Presented at IEEE/ION PLANS 2016 in Savannah, Georgia. A novel laser-beacon localization system has been developed that has applications in positioning and navigation of mobile ground or aerial vehicles where other forms of localization are absent (such as GPS). The... read more

Carrier-Phase Anomalies Detected on SVN-48

May 17, 2010By

By Brady O’Hanlon, Mark L. Psiaki, Paul M. Kintner Jr., and Steven P. Powell Anomalous behavior of the L1 C/A-code carrier phase has been detected on PRN07/SVN-48. The anomalies are sudden step-like changes of phase by about 10 degrees/5 millimeters. These steps are followed by negative steps of the same magnitude that restore the original phase time history. These anomalous... read more

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