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Russian Proton-M Crashes, Loses Another Payload

May 16, 2014By

In 2013, Russia lost three GLONASS satellites when their launch aboard a Proton-M rocket went awry, sending the satellites crashing into theĀ Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan instead of aloft into space. Before that, in 2010, three other GLONASS satellites ended up in the Pacific Ocean aboard a Proton-M rocket. This week, onĀ  May 15, another Proton-M satellite crashed, this time with... read more

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Delay in Setting Recently Launched Block IIF Satellite Healthy

April 17, 2014By

The latest GPS Block IIF satellite, IIF-5 or SVN64 (operating as PRN30), was launched on February 21, 2014. Typically, GPS satellites are checked out and made operational within about a month following launch. SVN64 has yet to be set healthy. The delay is due to an extended navigation test being performed by the GPS master control station. A navigation upload... read more

Launch of Two Beidou-2/Compass Satellites Could Be April 23

April 16, 2012By

Web chatter indicates that the launch of a pair of BeiDou-2/Compass medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center will take place around April 23. This will be the first time that a pair of BeiDou-2/Compass satellites is launched on a single rocket. The satellites are designated M3 and M4. M1 is already in orbit, and M2 and M5 are expected to be launched in June. read more

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Fabric Engine Launches; Solves GIS Imaging Challenges with Dynamic Languages

March 20, 2012By

Fabric Engine Inc announced that it has officially launched v1.0 of its high-performance computing platform, Fabric Engine. read more

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