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In-Location Alliance to Promote Location-Based Indoor Solutions

September 14, 2012By

The In-Location Alliance was launched August 23 by 22 companies across location industries to drive innovation and market adoption of high-accuracy indoor positioning and related services. Accurate indoor positioning opens up plenty of possibilities for new mobile services. For a consumer this could mean, for example, receiving directions to the right products and personalized product promotions in nearby shops; using... read more

Companies Uniting to Expand Indoor Positioning Market…But Where Are Google and Apple?

September 11, 2012By

Naysayers still exist when talking about the emerging indoor positioning market. They say that the market is still too nascent — and the technology is sub par and not there yet. However, there are just too many atmospherics, and big companies getting involved in indoor positioning development, to brush it off as another technology fad. The recent announcement that 22... read more