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Rockwell Collins’ Avionics Enable Successful European Union Flight Demonstrations

July 14, 2014By

Rockwell Collins’ flight management system (FMS) and GNSS receiver successfully enabled the first demonstrations of advanced arrival and departure flight operations for the European Union’s airspace-enhancing project FilGAPP (“Filling the Gap” in GNSS Advanced Procedures and Operations). The goal of FilGAPP is to create new, more efficient methods of navigating airspace using satellite-based navigation and advanced FMS functions. “FilGAPP highlights... read more


July 11, 2014By

20 Years of INTERGEO
The world’s leading conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management celebrates its 20th anniversary in the German capital. read more

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GPS World overview of InterGEO in Germany

November 5, 2012By

GPS World overview of InterGEO in Germany read more

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Telmap Upgrades Its Premium Voice Offering in Germany

August 11, 2012By

Mobile location-based services company Telmap has partnered with Sony Music, allowing users of the Telmap Mobile Location Companion in Germany to choose from a selection of voices that will guide their navigation sessions. read more

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Position: 20 Kilometers, Heavy Construction

May 1, 2011By

The Fehmarnbelt Positioning System between Denmark and Germany includes a geodetic basis, four permanent GNSS stations, and a real-time kinematic (RTK) service for construction of a road and rail causeway between the islands of Fehmarn, Germany, and Lolland, Denmark across the Fehmarnbelt, a 20-kilometer stretch of open water in the Baltic Sea. This homogeneous, consistent, coherent, highly accurate GNSS-based positioning system exemplifies comparable systems and services that can be established for any major construction site or infrastructure project. Now in use for environmental, geotechnical, and geophysical investigations, it provides cost-efficient operations and facilitates the precise navigation of large, costly offshore equipment. read more

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Galileo Test Environment Open for Business

February 14, 2011By

The Galileo Test and Development Environment (GATE) in Berchtesgaden, Germany, officially opened on February 4. System operator IFEN GmbH announced GATE's availability for use by commercial and organizational entities seeking to test equipment with the coming Galileo signals. read more

Official Opening of the German Galileo Test and Development Environment GATE

February 2, 2011By

On April 2, German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development Peter Ramsauer will officially open the German Galileo test and development infrastructure GATE with the operator IFEN GmbH. read more

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