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How soon a driverless car? You be the judge

May 5, 2017By

How soon will driverless cars achieve 20 percent market share in the United States? This is the question in GPS World’s Readers Poll for May. In 2020? 2022? 2025? Or 2028? Maybe 2030. How about 2032?  2035 or after? Finally, the ever-popular “Other (please specify).” Go to gpsworld.com/17maypoll and fill in your answer by May 12. See results in the... read more

The Road to Driverless: Autonomous Vehicle Platforms, Sensors and Requirements

July 8, 2016By

Sponsored by: NavCom Broadcast date: Thursday, June 18, 2015 On-Demand Available Until: Friday, June 17, 2016 Moderator: Alan Cameron, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher, GPS World Speakers: John Fischer, Chief Technology Officer, Spectracom; Lisa Perdue, Applications Engineer, Spectracom; Hironori Sasaki Director of Solutions Architecture, Spectracom Summary: Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are now integrated in all luxury cars and moving into mainstream models. Although no driverless car is expected to operate freely on... read more

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New engineering team at NovAtel to deliver safe positioning technology for autonomous vehicles

May 20, 2016By

NovAtel Inc. announced a new initiative and engineering team to develop functionally safe GNSS positioning technology for fully autonomous applications. The company leverages its extensive experience developing safety-critical systems for the aviation industry to meet the future safety thresholds required for driverless cars and autonomous applications in agriculture, mining, and other government, military and commercial markets. In early 2015, NovAtel... read more

Driverless conference focuses on strategies for autonomous car

November 2, 2015By

With automakers and Silicon Valley technology companies rolling out their strategies for the autonomous car, keeping on top of the latest technology, worldwide markets and regulation will be critical. Enter Driverless, a conference that will be held March 22-23, 2016, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Francisco Airport. Attendees at the conference can find out what technology and markets will prevail... read more

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Why Data from Automated Vehicles Needs Serious Protection

April 24, 2014By

Concerns about data privacy aren’t going away and, in fact, are growing. Many retailers that have adopted in-store tracking technology to enhance shopping experiences and gather information on customer behavior have met with backlash. Increasingly, people are turning to a new crop of apps to safeguard how personal information is used in other apps. We have apps to guard other... read more