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Low-cost precise positioning for automated vehicles

Carrier-phase differential GNSS produces mass-market centimeter accuracy A dense reference network facilitates low-cost carrier-phase differential GNSS positioning with rapid integer-ambiguity resolution. This could enable precise lane-keeping for automated vehicles in all weather conditions. Strong demand for low-cost precise positioning exists in the mass market. Carrier-phase differential GNSS (CDGNSS) positioning, accurate to within a few centimeters even on a moving platform,... read more

Innovation: Clarifying the ambiguities

March 8, 2016By

Examining the interoperability of precise point positioning products
Our authors look at the interoperability of PPP ambiguity resolution products distributed by several research organizations for improving position solutions. read more

Innovation: Carrier-Phase RF Ranging

June 8, 2015By

Precise, Accurate and Multipath-Resistant Distance and Speed Measurements
In this month’s column, we take a look at a short-distance two-way ranging system using a 5.8-GHz carrier to supply not only precise and accurate distance measurements but also complementary measurements of speed. read more

Innovation: GNSS Spoofing Detection

June 1, 2013By

It's a hostile (electronic) world out there, people. Our wired and radio-based communication systems are constantly under attack from evil doers. We are all familiar with computer viruses and worms hiding in malicious software or malware distributed over the Internet or by infected USB flash drives. Trojan horses are particularly insidious. These are programs concealing harmful code that can lead to many undesirable effects such as deleting a user’s files or installing additional harmful software. Such programs pass themselves off as benign, just like the “gift” the Greeks delivered to the Trojans as reported in Virgil’s Aeneid. This was a very early example of spoofing. read more

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Carrier-Phase Anomalies Detected on SVN-48

May 17, 2010By

By Brady O’Hanlon, Mark L. Psiaki, Paul M. Kintner Jr., and Steven P. Powell Anomalous behavior of the L1 C/A-code carrier phase has been detected on PRN07/SVN-48. The anomalies are sudden step-like changes of phase by about 10 degrees/5 millimeters. These steps are followed by negative steps of the same magnitude that restore the original phase time history. These anomalous... read more

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