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Lockheed Martin's GPS III clean room in Littleton, Colorado

New players trigger new space race, GPS III update

April 26, 2017  - By 0 Comments

From the Space Symposium: new players in space race, new capabilities afforded by 3D printing and virtual reality, and insights into the GPS III program from Lockheed Martin's VP for navigation systems. read more

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System of Systems: Brexit may oust UK from Galileo work

April 26, 2017  - By 0 Comments

Brexit May Oust U.K. from Galileo Work Participation of the United Kingdom space industry in Galileo may be in doubt as negotiations get underway on details of the U.K. withdrawal from the European Union (EU). European Commission officials signaled that they want to rely solely... read more

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End-users can achieve even better accuracy with NavCom’s StarFire Network by integrating the company’s Onyx GNSS OEM board. StarFire is a global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS) that provides precise point positioning (PPP). Onyx, a multi-constellation OEM board, has three separate channels for StarFire signal processing.

Learn more about the StarFire Network.


NavCom Onyx GNSS OEM board integrates with StarFire offering Precise Point Positioning

End-users can achieve even better accuracy with NavCom's StarFire Network by integrating the company's Onyx GNSS OEM board. SPONSORED CONTENT read more

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The TP300 total station by Laser Technology.

Laser Technology offers TruPoint 300 total station

April 26, 2017  - By 0 Comments

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has released its TruPoint 300 for field data collection and mapping, as well as producing +/–1 millimeter range accuracy. It is a fully integrated laser with vertical and horizontal angle encoders... read more

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