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Out in Front: IOU on IOE

October 1, 2015  - By 0 Comments

Here it comes right at ya, down the cable into your living room, over the radio waves into the coffee shop or airport and your car: the Internet of Everything... read more

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Figure 5. Intermediate LocataLite 2 antennas inside FAA building. In the distance, both the USNO and the National Cathedral are visible.

Timing Accuracy Down to Picoseconds

October 5, 2015  - By 0 Comments

Wide-Area Wireless Network Synchronization with LocataNets The United States Naval Observatory conducted several independent frequency synchronization experiments in Washington, D.C., using an alternative PNT technology in multiple network configurations. The results suggest that sub-nanosecond time transfer using this technology may be possible over wide urban areas, and that it could thus serve as a GPS augmentation or back-up solution over... read more

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Arne Musch of Topcon Positioning Group discusses Sokkia‘s GCX2 GNSS integrated receiver at INTERGEO 2015, which was held Sept. 15-17 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The GCX2, nicknamed “the bullet,” is a multi-constellation and dual frequency receiver. It is the smallest and lightest integrated receiver Sokkia has ever offered, the company says.

INTERGEO 2015: Topcon/Sokkia Showcases GCX2 ‘The Bullet’ GNSS Receiver

September 23, 2015  - By 0 Comments

Arne Musch of Topcon Positioning Group discusses Sokkia's GCX2 GNSS integrated receiver read more

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GPS Source Adds to GPS Rackmount Splitter Line

October 6, 2015  - By 1 Comments

GPS Source has released a GPS/GNSS rackmount splitter with dual antenna inputs and antenna health monitoring. Developed for the wireless industry, the dual input rackmount splitter provides a GPS timing signal to up to 32 GPS/GNSS synchronization modules and receivers. Its design ensures the GPS... read more

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