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UK Government Releases Space Weather Preparedness Strategy

October 12, 2015By
The different space weather phenomena. (Image: UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills)

A “Space Weather Preparedness Strategy” has been issued by the government of the United Kingdom. The document sets out the nature of the risk to the UK from severe space weather, progress to prepare for the risk and priorities for future work. Responsibility for managing the risk passed from the Cabinet Office to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in... read more

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Newest GNSS Satellites Being Tracked

October 12, 2015By

News courtesy of CANSPACE Listserv. Galileo has added two satellites to its constellation. Shortly after the Galileo satellite using the E24 PRN code started transmitting, its sibling began transmitting using code E30. Several stations participating in the International GNSS Service Multi-GNSS Experiment are tracking the new satellites. Prof. René Warnant from the University of Liege has reported that as of 10 October,... read more

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Prototype Car Travels from Paris to Bordeaux in Autonomous Mode

October 9, 2015By
An autonomous Peugeot Citroën has driven itself all the way from Paris to Bordeaux, a distance of 360 miles (550 km).
(Credit: PSA Peugeot Citroën)

On Oct. 2 one of PSA Peugeot Citroën’s four autonomous vehicles traveled the motorway from Paris to Bordeaux to take part in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress, which was held Oct. 5–9. The 580-km trip was completed entirely in autonomous mode without driver involvement. The car autonomously adjusted its speed and changed lanes to overtake, taking into account other vehicles,... read more

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Satlab Offers Hydrographic Echo Sounder for GNSS Rover

October 9, 2015By

Swedish-based Survey and GIS equipment maker Satlab Geosolutions AB has announced the availability of its SLD-100 GNSS Rover accessory to facilitate Hydrographic measurement in bodies of water up to 100 meters in depth. It is designed for those who find themselves needing to survey into bodies of water, streams and rivers. With survey-grade accuracy, the Satlab SLD-100 can be added to any brand... read more

ISRO: All 7 IRNSS Satellites in Orbit by March

October 8, 2015By

All seven satellites of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) are expected to be in orbit by March 2016, reports New Delhi Television, citing Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman Kiran Kumar. “We expect by March 2016 all the seven constellation of IRNSS to be in orbit,” Kumar said. Four IRNSS satellites are now in orbit, with three remaining to complete... read more

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Bluesky Completes Aerial Mapping Project for UK Utilities

October 8, 2015By

Bluesky has completed a multi-million pound aerial mapping project to assess the impact of vegetation on the electricity network of East Anglia and the South East of England. Working on behalf of UK Power Networks, Bluesky undertook the largest ever combined laser mapping and aerial photography survey commissioned by an electricity distribution network operator in the UK — some 34,000 square... read more

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FAA Expands Unmanned Aircraft Pathfinder Efforts

October 7, 2015By

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has entered into a Pathfinder agreement with CACI International Inc. to evaluate how the company’s technology can help detect Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the vicinity of airports. In testimony today before the House Aviation Subcommittee, FAA Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker said that flying an unmanned aircraft near a busy airfield poses an unacceptable safety... read more

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Aeris, Isotrak Collaborate on Improved Connectivity, Data for Fleets

October 7, 2015By

Aeris is partnering with Isotrak Ltd. to provide improved cellular connectivity and data analytics for Isotrak’s global customers. By leveraging Aeris’ machine-optimized and patented AerCore IoT and M2M network, AerPort connectivity platform and AerVoyance IoT and M2M analytics platform, Isotrak has added advanced capabilities to its 3iS FleetVision solution, part of its real-time ATMSi (Active Transport Management System) fleet management... read more

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