January 31, 2011By

ION GNSS 2012 will be held September 18-21, 2012, at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Tutorials will be held September 20-21. read more

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On the Edge: Tracking, Testing

November 1, 2010By

One-hundred-twenty meters of test track, designed for repeatable dynamic position testing, run along the roof of the new Nottingham Geospatial Building at the University of Nottingham, UK. The figure-eight track provides an optimal controlled environment with test equipment aboard a remote-controlled, multi-sensor 7¼-inch gauge locomotive platform with a top speed of 7 kilometers per hour, a dedicated power supply, and five antenna mounts. Simulation of the track using Spirent GSS8000 hardware (GPS and Galileo) provides additional planning and testing capacity. read more

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The System: New Math for GPS

February 1, 2010By

The U.S. Air Force GPS Wing and 50th Space Wing have begun repositioning GPS satellites in space to fly what they call the 24+3 or Expandable 24 constellation plan. The initiative will take up to 24 months to fully implement. Benefits to users will be slowly realized during that time, as the number of GPS satellites in view will increase, potentially increasing GPS receiver accuracy. Plus: Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish U.S. Coast Guard to Pull Loran Plug; Galileo Satellites Awarded to OHB; Compass at Three read more

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The System: Compass Awry

August 1, 2009By

Compass Awry One of the satellites in the Chinese domestic satellite navigation system, Beidou, is no longer in geostationary orbit and appears to have been abandoned. According to information from the U.S. Space Command, the orbit of Beidou 1D was raised by around 130 kilometers on February 18, 2009. This may have been an attempt to place the satellite in... read more

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