GPS Satellite Simulator

June 19, 2012By

CAST Navigation of Tewksbury, Massachusetts introduced its SGX GPS Satellite Simulator. With its compact size — 7 × 11× 3 inches — and weighing in at just over 4 pounds, the SGX is CAST’s newest and smallest fully capable simulator to date. The new SGX replaces the CAST-SIMCOM Simulator which was a 17-inch, 50-pound simulator. The SGX lightweight portability operates... read more

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Core Positioning Receiver Chip

June 19, 2012By

u-blox is launching the u-blox 7, its next-generation core positioning technology platform. Supporting all deployed as well as soon-to-be deployed GNSS, the platform is based on the UBX-G7020 multi-GNSS receiver integrated chip with low power consumption. With 7 mW power consumption during continuous navigation, u‑blox’ UBX-G7020 is designed for small portable and power-sensitive devices requiring long battery life, high sensitivity,... read more

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Innovation: Tsunami Detection by GPS

June 18, 2012By

How Ionospheric Observations Might Improve the Global Warning System The December 26, 2004 earthquake-generated Sumatra tsunami caused enormous losses in life and property, even in locations relatively far away from the epicentral area. The losses would likely have never been so massive had an effective worldwide tsunami warning system been in place. A tsunami travels relatively slowly and it takes... read more

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Consumer GPS/GLONASS: Accuracy and Availability Trials of a One-Chip Receiver in Obstructed Environments

December 1, 2011By

A one-chip multiconstellation GNSS receiver, now in volume production, has been tested in severe urban environments to demonstrate the benefits of multiconstellation operation in a consumer receiver. Bringing combined GPS/GLONASS from a few tens of thousands of surveying receivers to many millions of consumer units, starting with satnav personal navigation devices in 2011, followed by OEM car systems and mobile phones, significant shifts the marketplace. The confidence of millions of units in use and on offer should encourage manufacturers of frequency-specific components, such as antennas and SAW filters, to enter volume mode in terms of size and price. read more

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Locata, A New Constellation: ICD and Live Demos at ION-GNSS 2011

September 1, 2011By

"A large number of companies and engineers have thrown billions of dollars at trying to improve GPS in urban and indoor applications,” states Locata Corporation co-founder Nunzio Gambale. “From a technological perspective, Locata has created something completely new: the capability to autonomously create a GPS-style system on the ground.” Members of the GNSS community can see for themselves at Locata’s coming-out party at ION-GNSS 2011, including release of a Locata signal interface control document (ICD). GPS World took an advance look at the technology in a June trial of the demo that all ION attendees can see. This article presents these reports. read more

Product Review: The Trimble Ranger 3

August 10, 2011By

The Ranger 3 impressed me from the very first moment I saw the unit. First of all, it is designated correctly by Trimble, and the military and first responder users who wrote me, as a rugged handheld GPS-enabled computer, and it certainly fulfills all the requirements for that designation. If you are looking for a GPS device the size of an Apple iPhone, this is not the device for you. The Trimble Ranger 3 is for the user, and many of you are warfighters and first responders who need a portable and rugged but powerful handheld computer with tightly integrated GPS capabilities that can connect and communicate, wired and wirelessly, with other users and servers. The Ranger 3 can accomplish all that and much more. read more

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