Evaluation Kit by NVS Tecnologies

April 1, 2013By

Evaluation Kit NV08C-EVK-CSM by NVS Technologies is a set of instruments for a developer of systems based on NVS Technologies’ NV08C-CSM module. Use of EVK-CSM is a convenient way to learn functionality of NV08C-CSM and begin system design. The EVK-CSM may be used in navigation systems to obtain the current position (latitude, longitude and elevation), velocity vector, and time GNSS... read more

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ArcGIS for Windows Mobile Simplifies Field Data Collection

November 6, 2012By

Esri has released ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.1, coinciding with the release of Trimble Positions field collection software. The Trimble Positions software suite extends the ArcGIS for Windows Mobile application and software developer kit (SDK) with support for high-accuracy GNSS mobile GIS data collection. The Trimble Positions software suite is designed for users who require high-accuracy data collection workflows using... read more

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Apple CEO Apologizes for Faulty Maps App

September 28, 2012By

After the September 12 launch of the Apple iPhone 5, which comes equipped with Apple’s own Maps application, users soon found their efforts to navigate thwarted by mislabeled cities, misplaced landmarks, lack of’ transit directions, and strange satellite imagery. Today, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook apologized to customers for the flaws in the Maps app in a letter posted... read more

GreenRoad to Offer Advanced Fleet Tracking from GPS Insight

September 14, 2012By

GreenRoad, a driver performance management company, and GPS Insight, a fleet GPS tracking provider, have announced that GreenRoad will offer advanced fleet tracking capability, provided by GPS Insight, as part of its GreenRoad driver performance management service. GreenRoad will integrate the GPS Insight solution and offer it to customers as GreenRoad Advanced Tracking. “GreenRoad delivers the best drivers on the... read more

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Optimizing Small Antennas for Body-Loading Applications

September 10, 2012By

By Oliver Leisten and Viktor Knobe. Styling for consumer usage has progressively miniaturized of the antenna package to tiny dimensions compared to a free-space wavelength, even as devices with these miniscule antennas are designed to work close to the absorbent tissues of the user’s body and in the electromagnetic maelstrom of city street levels. GNSS antennas have responded with significant... read more

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Rice University Announces New Mobile Technology they claim Dramatically Increases Data Capacity

August 23, 2012By

Researchers from Rice University unveiled a new multi-antenna technology that could help wireless providers keep pace with the voracious demands of data-hungry smartphones and tablets. The technology aims to dramatically increase network capacity by allowing cell towers to simultaneously beam signals to more than a dozen customers on the same frequency. read more

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OGC Hires Lew Leinenweber and Bart de Lathouwer to Fill Key Technical Positions

August 23, 2012By

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announced it has appointed both Lew Leinenweber and Bart de Lathouwer to the position of Director, Interoperability Programs. These are key technical positions in the OGC Interoperability Program. read more

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Esri and PCI Geomatics Announce Imagery Grant Program to Support Natural Resources Management

August 20, 2012By

Esri, PCI Geomatics, MDA, and RapidEye announced their new Natural Resources Imagery Grant Program. The grant program will provide software, data, and training for detecting and analyzing land-cover change through the combined use of geographic information system (GIS), image processing, and remote-sensing technologies. read more

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