Parkinson Presentation at Smithsonian Now Online, Exhibit Opens April 12

March 28, 2013By

Bradford W. Parkinson, professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Emeritus at Stanford University, discussed “GPS for Humanity — The Stealth Utility” at a special Smithsonian event Thursday, March 21. If you missed his talk, you can view it now on UStream. Parkinson’s lecture at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., was part of the introduction of the new... read more

UK Switches on eLoran for Backup in the English Channel

January 9, 2013By

The General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland (GLA) have announced that ships in the Port of Dover, its approaches and part of the Dover Strait can now use eLoran radio navigation technology as a backup to satnav systems like GPS and Galileo. What is considered the world’s busiest shipping route is the first to deploy eLoran to counter... read more

Maritime Access for the North Sea with e-Navigation Conference Set

January 7, 2013By

ACCSEAS is hosting its first conference, “Pioneering safer maritime access for the North Sea with e-Navigation,” to be held in Flensburg, Northern Germany, March 5-7, 2013. What is expected to be a first annual conference of the ACCSEAS (Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability) project will examine how to address significant current and future issues which may impact on... read more

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Hemisphere GPS Offers Vector Compass Products for Marine Applications

October 4, 2012By

Today, Hemisphere GPS introduces the Vector VS330 and Vector VS131 GPS compass products that provide high performance heading, position, heave, and attitude data. The new Vector products are designed for professional marine applications such as hydrographic and bathymetric surveys, dredging, oil platform positioning, and buoys that demand a high level of 3D positioning accuracies. Based on Hemisphere GPS’ Eclipse GNSS... read more

Hemisphere GPS Announces RTK Network-Compatible S320 Survey System

October 2, 2012By
S320 network rover

Today, Hemisphere GPS announced the new S320 network rover and XF2 handheld data collector. With support for network RTK corrections, the S320 network rover is an integrated solution that simplifies land surveying applications by eliminating the need for a base station and radio modem, the company said. A variety of public and private organizations post RTK network corrections on the... read more

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Topcon’s MG-A8 Antenna Designed for Accurate Maritime Applications

September 20, 2012By

Topcon Positioning Systems announces the MG-A8 antenna for navigation and precise positioning in marine applications. According to Topcon, the new MG-A8 marine antenna provides exemplary GNSS signal tracking while not being susceptible to signal jamming from other sources, such as Inmarsat communications. The MG-A8 antenna can be used in DGPS mode for meter-level navigation purposes but can also be used... read more

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Massive GPS Jamming Attack by North Korea

May 8, 2012By

Large coordinated cyber attacks from North Korea near its border with South Korea produced electronic jamming signals that affected GPS navigation for passenger aircraft, ships, and in-car navigation for roughly a week in late April and early May. To date, no accidents, casualties, or fatalities have been attributed to jammed navigation signals aboard 337 commercial flights in and out of South... read more

Availability and Safety

September 1, 2011By

Many maritime users today believe that GPS will always be available. This is simply not the case. read more

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