Data collection of WGS 84 information — or is it?

November 2, 2016By

Location, location, location. It’s not just the tagline for real estate and sales; it’s about all of us, all of the time. Thanks to technology, everything revolves around location these days. It is in our cars, smartphones, exercise trackers, and even our packages. GPS has revolutionized so many things in our lives, but most people do not know how it... read more

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Canada, US workshops focus on PNT threats

October 26, 2016By

Two workshops convened in recent weeks in the U.S. and Canadian capitals, respectively, sought to bring into focus looming threats to the nations’ positioning, navigation and timing capabilities and critical infrastructures. Some of the threats are pervasive — jamming and spoofing — and formed the general topic of the Canadian workshop. Some threats are specific — powerful terrestrial transmitters overwhelming... read more

How to dissolve funding logjams in Congress

October 21, 2016By

[Editor’s note: This is the Signals Leadership Award acceptance speech given by Clark Cohen at GPS World’s 2016 Leadership Dinner in September. The Award was recognized the development of alternates to GPS based on communication satellites: a method for adding high-accuracy ranging capability to Iridium by modifying the transmitted signal structure of an already flying, programmable constellation. ] Thank you... read more

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Why tether drones? Plus: Trimble divestiture, Intel expansion, ISIS

October 19, 2016By
WASP (winch aerostat small platform).

I’ve always thought that tethered drones would have a major disadvantage over regular flying vehicles, in that their range is really limited and therefore their applications would be few and far between. However, a recent release by Drone Aviation got me thinking otherwise. The company is taking the route many tech companies have followed to protect their technology and enhance... read more

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Intergeo 2016 is buzzing

October 12, 2016By
Figure 2.2: Normalized autocorrelation functions for different modulations: BPSK of GPS L1,
BOC of Galileo E1 with simplified demodulation4, CBOC of Galileo E1 and AltBOC of Galileo E5
signals5. Source: [Silva et al., 2012]

Yes, there are drones everywhere. Drones of every size from mini electronic insects to a rather nice Zeppelin remake that is cruising around Hall 4 at the Hamburg Messe. Will Intergeo 2016 mark “peak drone?” I’m thinking not. The two main drivers of this year’s Intergeo conference are digitization and smart data, including Building Information Modelling (BIM). Hamburg itself is... read more

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Expert Opinions: New US FAA rule on UAVs

October 10, 2016By

Q: What is the single most important take-away from the new Federal Aviation Administration rule on UAVs?   A: This regulation brings some stability to industry looking to invest in UAS operations and should stimulate technology development that benefits all classes of UAS. This first step should also allow the FAA to turn their attention to the more compelling parts... read more

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High plains PNT: Awareness and sense of place

October 7, 2016By

The plenary talk by John O’Keefe at ION GNSS+ stimulated a lot of neuron firing inside this old noggin. For a synopsis of “The Positioning System of the Brain,” see this column by Managing Editor Tracy Cozzens. I had the difficult task of following this brilliant scientist to the podium and introducing ION’s track chairs for previews of the conference’s... read more

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Analyzing NGS’ GPS on benchmark dataset used to make GEOID12B

October 5, 2016By

These columns have focused on procedures and routines for establishing GNSS-derived orthometric heights. There are many ways to analyze and investigate GNSS data and adjustment results. I have provided some basic concepts that I believe are important for users to understand. The selection of constraints is a very important part of establishing accurate and consistent NAVD 88 GNSS-derived orthometric heights. All... read more

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