Letter to the Editor: Using One Part of GPS, Ignoring Another

October 1, 2012By

The article “Drone Hack” in the August issue of GPS World and Todd Humphreys’ testimony before a House Subcommittee overseeing the Department of Homeland Security cited results of a spoofing experiment Humphreys conducted with University of Texas colleagues, demonstrating that a drone helicopter, navigating principally on the civil GPS signal, could have its vertical channel spoofed, causing it to descend.... read more

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Expert Advice: PNT for the Nation

October 1, 2012By

Three Key Attributes and Nine Druthers By Brad Parkinson. Position, navigation, and time (PNT) are essential enablers for warfighter capabilities. They are used in virtually every weapons system of the Department of Defense. The GPS system has become the ubiquitous provider of this military service. In addition, GPS is the backbone of scores of civil applications that have provided startling... read more

Out in Front: The Bronze Prize for Golden Success

October 1, 2012By

We have heard it before, in various fora and in various forms: the GPS program is a victim of its own success. Because the satellites are living so long, launches of new, modernized space vehicles get deferred. And deferred. And deferred. The U.S. Congress meanwhile, for whom “defer” is a code to live by, happily pounces on this as an... read more

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iOS, Android Adoption 10 Times that of PCs

September 20, 2012By

We are making history. The rate of iOS and Android device adoption has surpassed adoption rates for any other consumer technology in recent history, reports analytics firm Flurry. Android and iOS devices are being adopted at a rate 10 times faster than the rate of PC adoption during the 1980s. Smart device adoption is growing twice as fast as Internet... read more

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A Conversation with General William Shelton, Commander, Air Force Space Command

September 13, 2012By

It happened over 20 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. Three young U.S. Air Force officers stood respectfully in the office of Lt Gen Thomas Moorman, then Vice Commander of Air Force Space Command. All three were summoned to the same meeting, but I expect none of us knew exactly why. It would soon become apparent... read more

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Companies Uniting to Expand Indoor Positioning Market…But Where Are Google and Apple?

September 11, 2012By

Naysayers still exist when talking about the emerging indoor positioning market. They say that the market is still too nascent — and the technology is sub par and not there yet. However, there are just too many atmospherics, and big companies getting involved in indoor positioning development, to brush it off as another technology fad. The recent announcement that 22... read more

Expert Advice: GNSS in the Global Economy

September 10, 2012By

By Irving Leveson. The $100 billion GNSS industry is already stressed. How deeply and how long the pressures persist depends to a great extent on the performance of the world economy. In a time of extraordinary uncertainty and change, the industry faces great challenges over the next 2–3 years and beyond: potential delays in availability of satellites and ground support,... read more

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