New BeiDou TMBOC Signal Tracked; Similar to Future GPS L1C Structure

October 28, 2015By

China’s new third-generation BeiDou satellites are broadcasting some new signals in space. The newest signal, which just began broadcasting from a satellite launched on Sept. 30, is similar to the future GPS L1C signal with time-division BOC(1,1) and BOC(6,1) signals. Such a type of modulation is called time-multiplexed binary offset carrier (TMBOC, see note below). Researchers at JAVAD GNSS have... read more

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Opinions Vary on Autonomous Vehicle Rollout

October 22, 2015By

By Kevin Dennehy
Two recent Washington events highlighted the gulf in expectations for full autonomous vehicle rollout. The question is, why are the two groups so far apart? Funding? Safety? Cyber Security? read more

The Risks of Self-Driving Cars

October 22, 2015By
Janice Partyka

We fear the hacker who might corrupt the software system of our vehicles. Maybe they will subvert our brakes or steering. And Volkswagen gave us a new scare. Maybe we should fear the car manufacturer. Can we trust vehicle OEMs for the safety of self-driving cars? Before we buy a vehicle, most of us read reviews and test drive the... read more

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Progress Towards Flying UAVs Commercially?

October 21, 2015By
Finland’s Robonic UAV launchers.

If we take a quick look at what’s been happening with rules for regular commercial UAV operations, some might say progress has been mixed. If you live in Finland, then the news is quite good, while back here in the U.S., there have also been steps toward regulation for UAVs. Just this week, the Department of Transportation moved to require... read more

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Establishing Orthometric Heights Using GNSS — Part 3

October 7, 2015By
A depiction of the United States geoid. Areas in yellow and orange have a slightly stronger gravity field as a result of the Rocky Mountains.

Part 3 describes the differences between a scientific gravimetric geoid model and a hybrid geoid model, and why it is important to use both geoid models in your analysis. read more

Out in Front: IOU on IOE

October 1, 2015By

Here it comes right at ya, down the cable into your living room, over the radio waves into the coffee shop or airport and your car: the Internet of Everything (IOE). The term connotes adding connectivity and intelligence to just about every tech device in use at home, office, or out on the street, to enable special functions, reporting, and... read more

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Galileo Space-Borne, Industry Land-Bound

September 30, 2015By

Galileo’s latest pair of full operational capability (FOC) satellites now orbit proudly in space, “performing beautifully.” The first two FOC birds may soon shift their focus from navigation to gravity experiments instead. Meanwhile, as the European Space Agency tries to fly, European industry seeks firmly grounded support in the form of an industrial policy and economic stimuli, expressing concern that the current situation... read more

Galileo: Are We There Yet?

September 28, 2015By
Europe’s ninth and tenth Galileo satellites being fueled by technicians in protective SCAPE suits within the Guiana Space Centre’s 3SB preparation building on Aug. 24. This left them ready to be attached to their launcher upper stage in preparation for launch. (Photo:ESA)

It has been a good late summer for the European Galileo programme. The latest launch on the night of 10 and 11 September has got the number of orbiting satellites in the EU’s GNSS constellation into double figures at last, and one-third of the way towards the ultimate target of 30. The European Space Agency’s (ESA) press releases around the... read more