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Locata and Leica Geosystems Extend Partnership

June 15, 2012By

Leica Geosystems Mining and Locata Corporation have announced the extension of their technology partnership in the Mine Machine Automation and Mine Fleet Management Market until June 30, 2014. The extension guarantees the ongoing, commercial provision to the global mining industry of the Leica Jigsaw Positioning System (Jps), powered by Locata technology. read more

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Ohio University Team Wins Second ION Autonomous Snow Plow Competition

February 7, 2012By

An Ohio University team won the Institute of Navigation (ION) Satellite Division's second annual ION Autonomous Snowplow Competition. The competition was held January 26-29, at Rice Park in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, in conjunction with the 126th Saint Paul Winter Carnival. read more

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On the Edge: Go Big Green

December 1, 2011By

Nav On Time, a French Company located in Toulouse, has successfully completed a trial campaign of its Mow-By-Sat precision guidance on a commercial lawnmower. In August, the prototype of a GPS-guided robot lawnmower was installed on a golf driving range near Toulouse and tested in real conditions of use, day and night, maintaining a 25,000 square meter lawn since then. In a previous campaign, the mower covered more than 2.2 million yards — equal to1,250 miles or 2,000 kilometers — in 2,100 hours. (See videos of the mower in action at read more

Sensor Fusion in Forestry

July 1, 2010By
Robotic wood harvester.

Modern machines such as wood harvesters can automatically cut trees and remove branches, but an expert is still needed to plan a thinning and to mark the trees to be felled. The process can be accelerated if the forest ranger can virtually mark trees to be cut, using geographic coordinates instead of colored crosses sprayed on the stems. This requires the robotic wood harvester to be able to locate itself accurately to enable automatic navigation to the next tree for cutting. Absorption of the GPS signal in the forest canopy leads to poor results, however, with errors up to 50 meters and more. read more

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Pulling in All Signals

March 1, 2010By

Adding GLONASS to GPS gives a total of about 50 satellites, for a significant improvement in navigation availability, reliability, robustness, and convergence time through a new multi-GNSS precise point positioning (PPP) service. System performance and field results demonstrate that there is no need to await future constellations — better performance is available now. read more