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Wyzelink IoT workflow app now on Geotab Marketplace

August 15, 2017By

Wyzelink Systems’ IoT workflow-automation application, WyzeTask, is now available in the Geotab Marketplace. WyzeTask is the newest application in the marketplace and is a complement to the MyGeotab platform, which serves more than 14,000 Geotab customers. WyzeTask maximizes employee productivity by automating task tracking and job completion processes, freeing workers from paperwork and manual data entry. Automation also maximizes record... read more

Joint NASA-Brazil CubeSat mission will unlock equatorial phenomena that affect GPS

August 15, 2017By

NASA and a team of Brazilian space researchers have announced a joint CubeSat mission to study phenomena in Earth’s upper atmosphere — a region of charged particles called the ionosphere — capable of disrupting communications and navigation systems on the ground and potentially impacting satellites and human explorers in space. Two phenomena in the ionosphere — equatorial plasma bubbles and... read more

PCTEL launches multi-band LTE/Wi-Fi/GNSS antenna with sub-inch profile

August 15, 2017By

PCTEL Inc. is offering a new multi-band LTE/Wi-Fi/GNSS antenna with a sub-inch profile. The antenna combines PCTEL’s high rejection multi-GNSS technology for precision timing and location tracking with high performance multi-band data connectivity. The antenna is also rugged and easy to install, making it suitable for covert public safety operations, precision agriculture and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). “Complex, high... read more

Lidar, UAV expert joins panel on free webinar: Integrated tech

August 15, 2017By

Jeff Fagerman, a professional surveyor and certified photogrammetrist, has joined the panel of speakers on the August 31 webinar, “Integrated Technologies for Industrial Positioning.” The webinar is free (register here) and focuses on applications in the electric utility/telecom sector, such as site inspections, drones and geographic information systems (GIS) mapping in general. Participants will learn how to maximize reach and... read more

NASA describes expected impact of total eclipse on GPS

August 15, 2017By

NASA has issued a statement to let the GPS community know what to expect when the total solar eclipse takes place across America on Aug. 21. On Aug. 21, the eclipse will cross all of North America. Anyone within the path of totality will see the moon completely cover the sun, and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere — the corona —... read more

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Sokkia GNSS receivers now integrated with TerraGo Magic

August 14, 2017By

TerraGo Magic now offers advanced integration and support for the Sokkia line of GNSS receivers, including the new GCX3. TerraGo Magic is a zero-code platform-as-a-service that enables customers to build their own custom mobile apps without writing any code by choosing from a menu of available, field-tested features. Featuring advanced constellation tracking and longer range base to rover communication, the... read more

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How perfect is GPS? You be the judge

August 14, 2017By

In the July and August issues of the magazine, the “Out in Front” editorials held forth on the perfection or lack thereof in the GPS signal and service. Now it’s your turn! Give us your opinion at and we’ll publish the results in the September issue. And you’ll gain entry to a random drawing for a $50 gift card.... read more

Kansas utility finds new workflow solutions

August 11, 2017By

Water, Water, Where? WaterOne found itself stuck in the past. The independent public utility knew that its workflow for collecting geospatial data was broken. WaterOne serves a 272-square-mile area on the Kansas side of the Kansas City, Missouri, metropolitan area, which has a population of 420,000, 145,000 metered accounts and 2,685 miles of water pipes. The survey/geospatial staff consisted of... read more