Innovation: GPS by the Numbers

April 1, 2010By

A Sideways Look at How the Global Positioning System Works
In his 200th Innovation column, Contributing Editor Richard Langley takes a look at GPS by the numbers, getting a sense of how GPS works by examining the key numbers that govern its remarkable capabilities, from zero to pi and beyond. read more

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Galileo Test User Receiver

April 1, 2010By
FIGURE 1. C/N0 plot with nine satellites and all five Galileo signal types: L1BC (green), E6BC (blue), E5a (red), E5b (yellow), and E5 Altboc (purple).

A fully stand-alone, multi-frequency, multi-constellation receiver unit, the TUR-N can autonomously generate measurements, determine its position, and compute the Galileo safety-of-life integrity. read more

The System: Vistas from the Summit

April 1, 2010By

“This is an event where one gets one’s goals for the next year.” Paul Verhoef, program director for satellite navigation programs of the European Commission, may have exaggerated for effect, and for the benefit of his audience and hosts at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit in March. But not by much. The conference, now in its eighth year, has assumed... read more

Innovation: Hybrid Positioning

March 1, 2010By
Figure 11. The electronic car used in the test.

A Prototype System for Navigation in GPS-Challenged Environments
A team of Australian and U.S. researchers have integrated a ground-based system with GPS and INS to create a hybrid system that provides precise and accurate position information continuously in a variety of environments where GPS alone comes up short. read more

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On the Edge: Sharing GNSS Wealth

March 1, 2010By

Last year I helped coordinate a three-week workshop for 50 scientists from 15 African countries, introducing the basics of GPS for applications with socioeconomic benefits and scientific exploration. Held in Trieste, Italy, the workshop was quite successful, producing new initiatives on the African continent. We repeat the workshop next month, 
April 6–24, again in Trieste. read more

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Innovation: Mobile-Phone GPS Antennas

February 1, 2010By
Figure 4. Sarantel miniature volute antenna

Can They Be Better?
We examine the antenna designs that provide GPS functionality to mobile phones and why most phones still do not provide GPS operation indoors. We also see what it will take to make them better. read more

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Multi-Sensor, Multi-Network Positioning

February 1, 2010By
FIGURE 1. Sample WLAN or Bluetooth fingerprint map, in meters.

Currently, no single technology, system, or sensor can provide a positioning solution any time, anywhere. The key is to utilize multiple technologies. We are now exploring a multi-sensor multi-network (MSMN) approach for a seamless indoor-outdoor solution. Its hardware platform is described in the previous article. The digital signal processor (DSP) is embedded in the GPS module. All sensors are integrated to the DSP that hosts core software for real-time sensor data acquisition and real-time processing to estimate user location. A smartphone handset provides wireless network measurements. read more

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Innovation: Collective Detection

January 1, 2010By

Enhancing GNSS Receiver Sensitivity by Combining Signals from Multiple Satellites
A new approach to enhancing signal sensitivity combines the received signal power from multiple satellites in a direct-to-navigation solution. read more

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