CSR Location Platforms Go Live with China’s BeiDou-2 Tracking

March 13, 2013By

CSR plc today announced that its SiRFstarV, SiRFprima and SiRFatlas location platforms are now able to acquire and track satellites and utilize location data from the recently activated BeiDou Satellite Navigation System. The addition of the BeiDou constellation is part of CSR’s ongoing efforts to support all global navigation satellite systems as they become available, with software or firmware upgrades,... read more

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ENC 2013 Releases Preliminary Program

March 13, 2013By

The Preliminary Programme for the European Navigation Conference 2013 is now available. Early Bird Registration ends Friday, March 15. Organizers will also be hosting the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2013 International Kick-Off Meeting on April 25. The European Navigation Conference 2013 will be the 17th conference in the GNSS series held under the auspices of the European Group of Institutes... read more

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First Galileo-Only Position Fix Performed!

March 12, 2013By
Figure 1. Position fixes on the rooftop of the NavSAS lab in Turin, Italy.

Entitling its release “From Orbit with Love,” the European Space Agency (ESA) proudly announced today, March 12, 2013, that the first four satellites of the future Galileo Satellite Navigation constellation achieved their first-ever autonomous position fix. The positioning was replicated and confirmed by a team at the NavSAS group of Politecnico di Torino, Italy. The obtained accuracy lies in the... read more

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GLONASS 743 Set Healthy, Constellation Back to Full Strength

March 5, 2013By

News courtesy of CANSPACE Listserv. GLONASS 743, recently moved from orbital slot 2 to orbital slot 8, was set healthy on March 5 at 07:28 Moscow Time according to NAGU 017-130305. Although the NAGU states that Moscow Time is three hours ahead of UTC (and this is the time difference normally used for GLONASS as stipulated in the GLONASS ICD),... read more

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European Nav Conference Extends Early Bird Registration to March 15

March 4, 2013By

Because of widespread interest in European Navigation Conference 2013, organizers have decided to extend Early Bird Registration until March 15. “The interest of the navigation community for the European Navigation Conference 2013 is tremendous. We have received more than 150 oral presentations and 50 poster presentations that will be showcased in 32 sessions,” said Susanne Fuchs, organizing committee member. Among... read more

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Lockheed Martin Powers on First GPS III Satellite

March 4, 2013By

The Lockheed Martin team developing the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation Global Positioning System III  satellites has turned on power to the system module of the program’s first spacecraft, designated GPS III Space Vehicle One (SV-1). The milestone is a key indication the team is on track to deliver the first satellite for launch availability in 2014, the company said. The... read more

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Building a Wide-Band Multi-Constellation Receiver

March 1, 2013By

The authors designed a full-constellation GNSS receiver, using a cost-effective, readily available, flexible front-end, wide enough to capture the frequency from 1555 MHz to 1607 MHz, more than 50MHz. This spectrum width takes into account BeiDou E2, Galileo E1, GPS L1, and GLONASS G1. In the course of their development, the authors used an external OCXO oscillator as the reference clock and reconfigured the platform, developing their own custom wide-band firmware. read more

The System: GPS Alliance, Galileo Budget, EGNOS Safe Skies

March 1, 2013By

New Organization Advocates for GPS Industry; Galileo Lives to Fly Another Day, Budget Passed; Safer Skies for EGNOS; and GLONASS in Brazil New Organization Advocates for GPS Industry A new group, the GPS Innovation Alliance, has formed and announced itself as the voice of the U.S. GPS industry and community of users, to “support the ever-increasing importance of GPS” in... read more

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