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L3 system selected by Airbus Helicopters for militaries

July 28, 2017By

L3 Technologies’ WESCAM division has received an order from Airbus Helicopters to provide 37 MX-15 electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems for installation on multiple fleets of H225M Caracal helicopters. The systems will be installed in France before being delivered to two foreign governments for military deployment. “This order expands L3’s international business base while creating a new market opportunity... read more

Martek deploys Centrik aviation management for BVLOS UAVs

July 28, 2017By

Martek Marine has deployed the Centrik system to manage its UAS operation, the same system used by major airlines. Centrik is a cloud-based aviation management software solution specifically tailored for RPAS/UAS operations. It encompasses all aspects of operations: safety, quality, compliance and risk management, while providing comprehensive reporting functions, the company said. Centrik gives visibility of every single electronic flight... read more

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Harxon releases rover radio for RTK surveying and GNSS positioning

July 28, 2017By

Harxon has introduced an advanced, high-speed, Bluetooth-enabled wireless rover radio. The HX-DU1603D, designed for GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning, will be showcased this September at the Intergeo trade show in Berlin, Germany. The HX-DU1603D is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver designed for data communications between 410 MHz and 470 MHz in either 12.5 KHz or 25 KHz channels, which can be... read more

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Indoor drone inspections made safer and faster

July 28, 2017By

A manufacturer of refinery infrastructure was about to finish the assembly of a radiant box when a thumbnail-size notch was noticed in one of the pipes just before it was to be installed. The radiant box facility is used in the process of refining hydrogen under very high temperature (1,300 to 2,000°F) and pressure (45 to 360 psi). The notch... read more

Chevy Bolt drops in-car navigation in favor of BYOD

July 27, 2017By

“Connect your compatible smartphone to the center display to access select apps, your calendar and playlists or navigate with Google Maps.” That’s the description of the navigation offering on the official Chevrolet Bolt website. One of General Motor’s (GM) most advanced vehicles, the electric Bolt doesn’t offer native GPS navigation as an option. As H. Kesteloo of Electrek blogs, almost... read more

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Renesas launches open autonomy platform

July 27, 2017By

Renesas Electronics, an automotive semiconductor supplier, is offering an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and automated driving platform: Renesas autonomy. As the first rollout under the new platform, Renesas released the R-Car V3M high-performance image recognition system-on-chip (SoC), optimized primarily for use in smart camera applications, as well as surround view systems or even lidars. The R-Car V3M SoC complies... read more

Trimble Penmap for Android designed for field surveying

July 27, 2017By

Trimble has introduced Penmap for Android, a cloud-connected application for field surveying and high-accuracy geographic information system (GIS) data collection that works on mobile handhelds, smartphones and tablets. Trimble Penmap for Android focuses on core survey and mapping tasks such as cadastral and boundary surveys, as well as establishing local control, stake-outs, quality checks and asset management for utilities. It... read more

Mobile technology to boost pedestrian safety trialed in Australia

July 27, 2017By

Australian tech firm Cohda Wireless has trialed its vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) technology on city streets for the first time. The technology was originally designed to allow cars and motorcycles to avoid collisions by talking to each other. In collaboration with Telstra and the South Australian Government, Cohda Wireless has conducted the first test of V2P technology over a mobile network in... read more