Transmissions from Galileo Satellite IOV-3 Have Begun

December 3, 2012By
Javier Benedicto, ESA's Galileo Project Manager, looks on as Europe's own satellite navigation system performs its historic first position fix of longitude, latitude and altitude. The position fix took place at the Navigation Laboratory at ESA’s technical heart ESTEC, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands on the morning of 12 March, with an accuracy between 10 and 15 metres – expected taking into account the limited infrastructure deployed so far. Horizontal accuracy reached as high as 6 m. The left-side screen shows the position fix while the right side screen shows the position of the four Galileo satellites and their current signal coverage.

According to a report from the Technische Universitaet Muenchen, transmissions of the L1/E1 signal from the recently launched Galileo satellite IOV-3 (FM-3) started at about 13:55:20 GPS Time December 1. Transmissions from IOV-3 of the E5 signal began December 2. By December 4, all three Galileo bands, including E6, were being broadcast, according to the European Space Agency (ESA). Several... read more

Leadership Awards 2012: Pairing LEOs with GNSS Birds

December 1, 2012By

This article reproduces the acceptance speeches given by the winners of GPS World’s 2012 Leadership Awards, at the Leadership Dinner in Nashville in September. The Leadership Dinner was sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Deimos Space. read more

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Latest Galileo IOV Satellites on Orbit

November 19, 2012By

News courtesy of CANSPACE listserv The Galileo In-orbit Validation (IOV) satellites launched on October 12 (Flight Model 3 and 4), have now been positioned in their designated orbits, according to tracking data from the U.S. Joint Space Operations Center. A plot of the IOV constellation is now available. The four IOV satellites are in two orbital planes separated by about... read more

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New Galileo Satellites Pass Early Orbit Phase

October 31, 2012By
Galileo LEOP control room, Toulouse.

A week after the dual liftoff from Kourou, French Guiana, the two latest Galileo satellites completed the critical Launch and Early Orbit Phase on October 19-20. The satellites are expected to reach their assigned orbits November 10 and 12. The FM3 and FM4 satellites were handed over from the joint ESA/CNES Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) team in Toulouse,... read more

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Galileo Launch Goes off Without a Hitch

October 12, 2012By

The Soyuz ST-B launcher carrying the next two Galileo In-Orbit Validation satellites took off as scheduled on 18:15:00 GMT (11:15 PDT) October 12. Deployment of its twin satellites into orbit took place 3 hours 44 minutes after take-off. All the stages of the Soyuz vehicle performed as planned and the Fregat-MT upper stage released the Galileo satellites into their targeted... read more

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Launch Tomorrow for Second Pair of Galileo IOV Satellites

October 11, 2012By

The European Space Agency (ESA) will be launching a second pair of Galileo IOV satellites tomorrow from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. The satellites will ride a  Soyuz ST-B rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Launch is scheduled for 18:15:00 GMT (20:15:00 CEST) October 12.  Live streaming will begin at 17:48 GMT (19:48 CEST) for about one hour. From... read more

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Galileo Satellites Cleared for Launch

October 9, 2012By
Soyuz VS03, the third Soyuz flight from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, was transferred to the launch zone on October 8. The vehicle was rolled out horizontally on its erector from the preparation building to the launch zone and then raised into the vertical position.

Europe’s next two Galileo satellites have received technical clearance for their launch this Friday. They are currently resting in place atop their Soyuz launcher. Yesterday saw the three-stage Soyuz ST-B launcher moved horizontally to the launch pad on the 600-meter long railway. It was then lifted into the vertical position to await the attachment of the Upper Composite — the... read more

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Twin Galileo Satellites Fueled and Ready for Launch

October 1, 2012By
Galileo's fit-check with dispenser (credit: ESA).

A pair of Galileo satellites are now fully fueled and mated together atop the upper stage that will haul them most of the way up to their final orbit. The launch is planned for the evening of October 12, reports the European Space Agency. Technicians donned protective suits to fill the two satellites’ tanks with hydrazine fuel, used to maintain... read more

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