Brave New World of Data via the Cloud

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The frightening thing about the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the bloody awful frightening thing is the sheer amount of data talked about, enthusiastically envisioned, planned for. Planned for in the sense of throwing up business cases and wheeling and dealing new products and services for millions and billions of users that will pump vast amounts of data, countless numbers of gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes, exabytes per second through the cloud.

Not planned for in the sense of actually making provision for.  Seeing if there’s enough resource on hand. Calculating if the ecosystem will handle it.

No, wireless carriers and everyone else involved in this industry make money on data. So let’s make, make, make, more, more, more.

Did anyone happen to estimate the amount of bandwidth needed to upload and download all this data? Has anyone thought about what pressure it might bring on other spectrum users such as, perhaps, GNSS?

My guess is no, and no, and we don’t care. Because we are creating the future, don’t you see?!!?

From this brave new world sprang LightSquared, born of the ravenous need for more wireless data. It doesn’t take much time at the Mobile World Congress to see that venture as just the first very tentative probe. Armies are massed at our borders.

I didn’t get to location as a blue-chip commodity, as promised yesterday. That will have to come tomorrow.

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