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Tracy Cozzens has served as managing editor of GPS World magazine since 2006., and also is editor of GPS World’s sister website, Geospatial Solutions. She has worked in government, for non-profits, and in corporate communications, editing a variety of publications for audiences ranging from federal government contractors to teachers.

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Udee backpack could answer protection needs for mobile workers Posted on 03 Mar 2017 in the Latest News & Machine Control/Ag & Mobile & Survey categories.

A new backpack could be the perfect answer for field workers, remote workers and people who travel with expensive equipment. The Udee backpack has 19 features, and was made possible through... Read more»

New book explains GPS for the rest of us Posted on 24 Feb 2017 in the From the Magazine & Opinions categories.

GPS terms, its history and uses are all described in the new book GPS for Everyone: You Are Here by Pratap Misra. Read more»

Emergency 112 calls in Europe saving lives with GNSS Posted on 14 Feb 2017 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & Mobile categories.

On Feb. 11, the European Union (EU) celebrated 112 Day in honor of the single European emergency phone number. The 112 system uses Advanced Mobile Location (AML) to receive location... Read more»

CNN explores space warfare, US military’s use of GPS Posted on 26 Jan 2017 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

A spaceborne laser zaps a GPS satellite, disabling it. A “kamikaze” satellite hits and destroys other nations’ critical satellites. Another satellite moves beside an Intelsat bird — and listens in. A... Read more»

Discover your inner GPS Posted on 03 Oct 2016 in the GNSS & Opinions categories.

The Institute of Navigation Satellite Division looked deeply inward for its keynote speaker at this year’s ION GNSS+ conference, held Sept. 12–16 in Portland, Oregon. Nobel Laureate John O’Keefe provided... Read more»

Shipping container tracking on verge of big increase Posted on 31 Aug 2016 in the Featured Stories & Latest News & Mobile & Transportation categories.

Big Changes from a Tiny Tracker The container shipping industry uses between 20–25 million containers, only a small number of which are tracked. A company called Traxens is on the... Read more»

Rio Olympics reflected technology advances Posted on 22 Aug 2016 in the Mobile & Opinions & UAV/UGV categories.

The Olympics are great for technology. Yes, the competition held every four years highlights amazing athletes. But its vast support network relies on numerous technologies, including GNSS. GNSS technology helped... Read more»

Bring Pokémon to you with a Rohde & Schwarz signal generator Posted on 09 Aug 2016 in the Latest News & Mobile categories.

A team of Rohde & Schwarz engineers have found a new way to hack Pokémon Go, the massively popular app that debuted last month. The engineers are generating GNSS data... Read more»