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Galileo E6 Signal Tracking Announced by JAVAD GNSS Posted on 02 Jan 2013 in the Galileo & GNSS & GNSS News & Signal Processing categories.

An announcement on the JAVAD GNSS website states “On December 21, 2012, we have tracked E6 B/C signal from all launched Galileo satellites, using TRE-G3T-E E6-band capable receiver. “The following... Read more»

BeiDou ICD Released Posted on 02 Jan 2013 in the BeiDou/Compass & GNSS News & Latest News categories.

News compiled with assistance of CANSPACE Listserv.   The interface control document (ICD) describing the details of the BeiDou B1I open service signal on 1561.098 MHz was released December 27... Read more»

The Business — January 2013 Posted on 01 Jan 2013 in the System and Business News & The Business categories.

Download the PDF. Read more»

High-Level Perspective on PNT Frontiers Posted on 01 Jan 2013 in the GNSS & GNSS Opinions & Government & Government Opinions & Newsletter Editorials & Opinions categories.

New Technology, New Applications, New Science from the Stanford Symposium By James D. Litton The sixth annual Stanford PNT Symposium in November brought together a select group of experts to... Read more»

Spectrum Interference Standards: Seeking a Win-Win Rebound from Lose-Lose Posted on 01 Jan 2013 in the From the Magazine & GNSS & Integration with Other Technologies categories.

Based upon lessons learned from the LightSquared situation, the author identifies important considerations for GPS spectrum interference standards, recommended by the PNT EXCOM for future commercial proposals in bands adjacent to the RNSS band to avoid interference to GNSS. Read more»

Indoor Navigation Posted on 17 Dec 2012 in the Videos & Webinar Archive categories.

Original Broadcast Date: 12/13/12 Summary: This is the next frontier for personal and machine navigation — and many are out there now, working diligently on it.  In just one example,... Read more»

Luch-5B Arrives at Orbital Slot Posted on 15 Dec 2012 in the Augmentation & Assistance & GNSS & GNSS News & Latest News categories.

The second Russian SBAS satellite, Luch-5B, has now been positioned at its designated orbital slot of 16 degrees west longitude. The satellite had been in a drift orbit since its... Read more»

Transmissions from Galileo Satellite IOV-4 Begin Posted on 13 Dec 2012 in the Galileo & GNSS & GNSS News categories.

News courtesy of CANSPACE listserv. The Technische Universitaet Muenchen has reported that transmissions of the L1/E1 signal from Galileo satellite IOV-4 (FM-4) started at about 17:15:10 GPS Time December 12.... Read more»