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Sygic Launches Location Sharing and Family Safety App Posted on 08 Jan 2013 in the Latest News & LBS/Wireless & LBS/Wireless News categories.

“Family,” a new app by GPS navigation software company Sygic, is designed to help parents keep their children safe and simplify the way families stay in touch. The app is... Read more»

Agero Unveils Auto Infotainment Development Kit Posted on 08 Jan 2013 in the Latest News & Road & Transportation & Transportation News categories.

Agero Connected Services has announced the development of the AgeroView DevKit, a new cross-platform toolkit designed to accelerate the deployment of cloud-based automotive infotainment system applications. The DevKit includes specialized... Read more»

Qualcomm, AT&T Support Internet of Everything Development Platform Posted on 08 Jan 2013 in the Latest News & Mobile Devices & OEM News categories.

Qualcomm Incorporated, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., has announced an Internet of Everything (IoE) development platform based on Qualcomm Technologies’ QSC6270-Turbo chipset that supports Oracle’s Java ME Embedded... Read more»

iOnRoad Steers iPhone Navigation Towards Safer Driving Posted on 07 Jan 2013 in the In-Vehicle Services & Latest News & LBS/Wireless & LBS/Wireless News & Personal Navigation categories.

iOnRoad,  the maker of the iOnRoad app that improves driving in real-time using the power of modern computer vision algorithms and smart-phone cameras, has released its award-winning app on iOS... Read more»

GPS Autopilot Copter Marketed to Consumers Posted on 07 Jan 2013 in the Aviation & Latest News & OEM News & Transportation & Transportation News categories.

DJI, developer and manufacturer of UAV systems, today announced the launch of the Phantom, the company’s first easy-to-fly, consumer quadcopter. Accorrding to DJI, before the Phantom, building and flying multi-rotor... Read more»

LiveViewGPS Transforms Cell Phone into Location Device Posted on 07 Jan 2013 in the Latest News & Mobile Devices & OEM News categories.

LiveViewGPS, a GPS tracking company for business, government and individuals, is unveiling a prepaid Mobile Phone Locate Card in Booth #75015 in the Eureka Park area at the International CES... Read more»

TI’s Wi-Link 8Q Provides Wireless Connectivity for Auto Infotainment Posted on 07 Jan 2013 in the Automotive & Latest News & OEM News & Recreation & Gaming & Road & Social Networking & Advertising & Transportation & Transportation News categories.

Wireless connectivity is becoming a key feature in automobiles for sharing and viewing content from smartphones and tablets to in-car systems, easy pairing of devices, navigation and replacement of expensive... Read more»

Unmanned Innovation Autopilots Integrate VectorNav IMU into Its INS/GPS Posted on 07 Jan 2013 in the Aviation & Aviation & Space & Aviation & Space & Defense & Government & Latest News & OEM & OEM News & Transportation categories.

Unmanned Innovation, a provider of Development Platforms for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), announced that it has partnered with VectorNav Technologies to integrate VectorNav’s VN-100 inertial measurement unit (IMU) into its... Read more»