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U-blox launches super-low-power GNSS receiver chip for wearables Posted on 21 Feb 2017 in the Latest News & OEM categories.

u-blox has launched the UBX M8230 CT GNSS receiver chip, which offers a balance of performance and ultra-low power use. Its new super-efficient (Super-E) mode cuts the power consumption by... Read more»

TerraGo partners with Duncan-Parnell for mobile data collection Posted on 21 Feb 2017 in the Latest News & Mapping & Survey categories.

TerraGo has entered a partnership with Duncan-Parnell, a provider of geospatial solutions to the surveying, construction and other infrastructure industries in Delaware, Washington, D.C., Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina,... Read more»

Expert Opinions: The effect of LEO constellations on GNSS services Posted on 20 Feb 2017 in the Opinions categories.

Experts explain the potential for low-Earth orbit constellations to augment services provided by the four medium-Earth orbit GNSS. Read more»

LabSat introduces wideband simulator for multiple signal recording Posted on 16 Feb 2017 in the Latest News & OEM & Product Showcase categories.

LabSat has launched the LabSat 3 Wideband simulator, which can simultaneously record multiple signals from different constellations. Small, battery powered and with a removable solid-state disk, LabSat 3 Wideband allows users to quickly... Read more»

GPS Insight launches electronic logging for fleet management Posted on 16 Feb 2017 in the Latest News & Transportation categories.

GPS Insight, a technology provider of GPS vehicle and asset tracking solutions for commercial and government fleets, launched a new electronic logging device (ELD) solution on Feb. 1. The GPS Insight... Read more»

SDX release 17.1 adds fine level of control on signal multipath Posted on 15 Feb 2017 in the Latest News & OEM categories.

Skydel SDX Release 17.1 adds a fine level of control on signal multipath to the software-defined GNSS simulator. SDX 17.1 introduces a powerful multipath simulation option, enabling users to create less-than-ideal... Read more»

Galileo Commercial Service Implementing Decision enters into force Posted on 15 Feb 2017 in the GNSS & Latest News categories.

The European Commission and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) confirm that the first generation of Galileo will already provide users with high accuracy and authentication services. Both the commission and... Read more»

KU Leuven: Galileo signals will become more difficult to falsify Posted on 13 Feb 2017 in the Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News categories.

Researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) have designed authentication features that will make it more difficult to send out false Galileo signals.... Read more»