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Advanced Navigation Releases Dual-Antenna GNSS/INS Posted on 02 May 2013 in the OEM News & Product Showcase & Sensor Fusion categories.

Advanced Navigation has released Spatial Dual, its new dual-antenna GNSS/INS. Spatial Dual is a ruggedized miniature GPS-aided inertial navigation system and AHRS that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation... Read more»

NVS Technologies Releases Firmware Update for NV08C Receivers Posted on 02 May 2013 in the OEM News & Receiver Design & Survey News categories.

NVS Technologies has released updated firmware for its NV08C receiver series. Firmware v0206 is compatible with current and preceding hardware revisions of the NV08C receiver series. Firmware v0206 can be downloaded... Read more»

GeoGathering 2013: Have You Developed Your Geospatial Data Strategy? Posted on 02 May 2013 in the Built Structures & Construction & Mapping & Survey News categories.

The conference GeoGathering: GIS for Gathering and Production Lines will be held Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort on August 21-22, 2013. With the theme of “Developing a Data... Read more»

The Business — May 2013 Posted on 01 May 2013 in the The Business categories.

Download the PDF. Read more»

On the Road under Real-Time Signal Denial Posted on 01 May 2013 in the Automotive & From the Magazine & Road categories.

Emerging GNSS applications in automobiles support regulation, security, safety, and financial transactions, as well as navigation, guidance, traffic information, and entertainment. The GNSS sub-systems and onboard applications must demonstrate robustness under a range of environments and varying threats. A dedicated automotive GNSS test center enables engineers to design their own GNSS test scenarios including urban canyons, tunnels, and jamming sources at a controlled test site. Read more»

GNSS Test Standards for Cellular Location Posted on 01 May 2013 in the From the Magazine & LBS/Wireless & Signal Processing & Wireless Infrastructure categories.

GNSS receivers in cell phones will soon support four or more satellite constellations and derive additional location measurements from other sources: cellular location, MEMS sensors, Wi-Fi, and others. The authors propose test standards covering these sources, meeting industry requirements for repeatable testing while considering the user experience. Read more»

2013 Simulator Buyers Guide Posted on 01 May 2013 in the Product Showcase & Simulators & Tools categories.

CAST Navigation CAST-SGX GPS Satellite Simulator The SGX GPS satellite signal simulator from CAST Navigation provides the user with dynamic, repeatable GPS RF signals for use in the laboratory or... Read more»

Expert Advice: The Challenge of BeiDou Posted on 01 May 2013 in the BeiDou/Compass & Expert Advice & Leadership Talks & OEM Opinions & Simulators & Tools categories.

By Mark Sampson, Racelogic GNSS is changing. The days of only American GPS satellites providing signals to the civilian population are gone as new constellations are launched. GLONASS was a... Read more»