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GPS III Command and Control Passes Key Test Posted on 05 Jan 2015 in the Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News categories.

Raytheon Company and Lockheed Martin successfully completed the fourth of five planned launch and early orbit exercises to demonstrate new automation capabilities, information assurance and launch readiness of the U.S.... Read more»

Wi2Wi Offers GNSS Module for M2M and Wearable Markets Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the Latest News & Mobile & Personal Navigation & Tracking categories.

Wi2Wi Corporation is releasing the W2SG0021i, a miniature GNSS module based on the CSR SiRFStarV chip. The W2SG0021i is a high-sensitivity, low-power stand-alone receiver designed for portable applications. It can concurrently track multiple... Read more»

The Business — January 2015 Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the From the Magazine categories.

The Business section from the January 2015 issue. Download the PDF. Includes: CSR Preparing for Large Indoor Location Market FAA Grants UAS Exemption to Trimble Navigation Leica’s GNSS Unlimited Allows... Read more»

Expert Advice: Loose Coupling — And What’s Wrong With It Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the From the Magazine & Opinions categories.

Concerns raised about cascaded Kalman filters for loose coupling and/or usage of input data “massaged” in unknown ways are not new, but are routinely excused by requirements to use coordinates from receivers not providing measurement outputs. Often, however, a receiver’s internal 8-state extended Kalman filter (EKF) is not fed with precise carrier phase data — and even when it is, its velocity outputs (being both filtered and unaided) have limited ability to follow high dynamics. Velocity pseudomeasurements under those conditions interfere with IMU aiding. Read more»

Four Galileo Satellites Now at ESTEC, Production Continues Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the Featured Stories & GNSS & Latest News categories.

The latest Galileo satellite has arrived at ESTEC and is undergoing a full checkout to prove its readiness for space. The satellite was carried by lorry from its manufacturer in Germany, cocooned within an environmentally controlled container. It arrived inside ESTEC's cleanroom environment on Dec. 18. Read more»

Broadcom’s GPS-Enabled Device for Satellite Units Helps Fight Piracy Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the Latest News & Mobile & Product Showcase & Tracking categories.

Satellite TV pirates beware: Broadcom Corporation is offering a GPS-enabled satellite outdoor unit (ODU) device that gives satellite TV providers a way to track subscriber equipment, pinpoint service issues in the home, and... Read more»

Abstracts Sought for EGU Session on High-Precision GNSS Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the Latest News categories.

The General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union will feature a high-precision GNSS session, and is seeking paper submissions. The EGU General Assembly will be held in Vienna, Austria, April... Read more»

CNAV Messages Now Transmitted Daily Posted on 02 Jan 2015 in the Design & Test & GNSS & Latest News categories.

News courtesy of CANSPACE Listserv.   Starting December 31, 2014, the Air Force 2nd Space Operations Squadron began transmitting daily CNAV uploads. The CNAV signals should continue to be considered pre-operational... Read more»